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SPIE Professional January 2007

Provided here are the archived articles from SPIE Professional January 2007.

January 2007 Contents

Cover Story

Clear goals and a firm sense of purpose resulted in a new approach to alcohol testing — and a new optics company.


Patent trends in micro-optical-electro-mechanical systems reveal a thriving technology within many applications.
Electroactive polymers represent the actuators of the future.
Whether applied in a camera or during post processing, high dynamic range imaging delivers images that are truer to life.

President's Letter

SPIE President Brian Culshaw looks forward to an exciting year ahead bridging disciplines, cultures, and generations.


As the patent boom continues unabated, career opportunities abound for engineers---no law degree required.
Here are some practical tips to reach your time-to-market goals more efficiently.
Recent reports find gender bias is a challenge in academia around the world, but institutions are working for change.


In a rare interview, SPIE talks with Fellow Daheng Wang, who has helped shape China's sciences for more than 60 years.
Remote sensing and nanophotonics now have their own multimedia e-journals.


SPIE creates a quarterly grant to encourage event development and collaboration between student chapters.
Read on for advice on where to start and what to look for when researching a graduate program.


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