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SPIE Professional April 2007

Provided here are the archived articles from SPIE Professional April 2007.

April 2007 Contents

Cover Story

Tenacity, passion, and patents set a young business on the right course.


Optical metrology's superior test and measurement capability has both expanding uses and growing challenges in industrial applications.
Human factors and costs challenge biometrics' commercial viability.
Using a few simple steps, you can reduce the likelihood of optical laser injuries in your lab.
With India's high-tech sector growing, the country looks to entrepreneurs and its young population to create the job opportunities the country needs.

President's Letter

As optics and photonics evolve, opportunities for SPIE and its members will continue to expand.


Getting promoted is more straightforward than it may first appear.
Because IP issues affect everyone in a high-tech business, companies need to establish a strategy and educate employees about their role.


Working together may be the best solution to reconcile the sometimes tense relationship between government policy and scientific research.
The SPIE Digital Library and SPIE Newsroom are two great sources for the latest research and information. Here are some of the most-read papers and articles on the respective sites.




Many current students will soon be instructors themselves. Here is advice on how to make that transition smoother for all involved.
Through innovative optics programs, SPIE Student Chapters have affected thousands of people in the last year alone.


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