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--2016 July: SPIE Professional Archived Issue

The July 2016 issue of SPIE Professional featured a comprehensive look at the optics of LIGO, the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories that found evidence of Einstein's general theory of relativity. This archived issue also contained articles on the National Genome Initiative in the US, SPIE annual awards, and work in Spain to develop quantum encryption.

Optics and Photonics R&D

High-precision optics enabled detection of gravitational waves.

ICFO scientists search for new form of cryptography.

Goal is to expedite development, commercialization of advanced materials.

A new technology measures aspheres and freeform optics.

Cameras and spectrographs will record light collected by Webb's giant mirror.

Quantum initiative for the European digital economy.

Europe's photonics community is losing two high-profile members.

Event & Journal Highlights

Recommended reading in Optical Engineering

Sensor technologies for safe food, airports and medical diagnoses.

JATIS previews a new space observatory to survey the sky.

News and photo coverage of #SPIEAstro in Edinburgh.

News and photos, May 2016.

SPIE Membership News

SPIE President Robert Lieberman discusses the international optics and photonics community.

SPIE members vote online 6 July through 18 August.

Join the SPIE group on LinkedInFollow SPIE news about careers, outreach, and events on LinkedIn.

Upcoming SPIE Events

Preview of 28 August - 1 September symposium.

Preview of the 12-14 September event.

Preview of collocated meetings, 26-29 September.

Preview of 16-19 October conference in Australia.

SPIE Awards for 2016

Paras Prasad takes "Fantastic Voyage" to SPIE award.

CC Lee receives SPIE Educator Award for 2016.

Kent Choquette receives SPIE Technology Achievement Award.

Lacy Cook recognized with SPIE A.E. Conrady Award

Christopher Barty receives Harold E. Edgerton Award.

Jie Yao and Homan Yuen are recipients of 2016 awards.

Shui-Chih Alan Lien honored.

Chakrabarti receives SPIE annual award.

Valery Tuchin honored for Tissue Optics book.

Ting-Chung Poon receives Gabor Award.

James Trolinger receives 2016 SPIE award.

Optics & Photonics Education

Looking back at 12 years of ALOP.

SPIE Student Chapters report on IYL activity grants.

Photonics for a Better World

Canadians campaign against people aiming lasers at aircraft.

NIST develops standard for breast cancer MRI.

SPIE Professional articles 2009-16.

July 2016 | ISSN 1994-4403

PDF (13.4 MB) of the print edition, SPIE Professional.

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