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SPIE Professional July 2014

Remote-sensing and security talks at two SPIE events in Amsterdam

Top Dutch and US experts in instrumentation development for satellite-based imaging systems and in-space operations engineering will be plenary speakers at SPIE Remote Sensing 22-25 September in Amsterdam, and the collocated SPIE Security + Defence will have leading scientists in lithography and image processing on its plenary schedule.

Logo for SPIE Remote SensingLisa Huddleston, chief of the Applied Meteorology Unit for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Weather Office, and SPIE member Bart Snijders of TNO (Netherlands) will give the plenary talks at SPIE Remote Sensing.

Huddleston has almost three decades of experience with satellite remote sensing of the sea surface, data mining, and assessing the probability of cloud-to-ground lightning strokes near satellite launch sites. Her talk will focus on remote sensing at the Kennedy Center.

Snijdgers’ talk will cover 50 years of space instrumentation development in The Netherlands.

Logo for SPIE Security+DefenceAt the plenary session for SPIE Security + Defence, SPIE Fellow Jos Benschop, senior vice president of technology at ASML (Netherlands), will give a talk on physics and optics in the semiconductor lithography industry while SPIE member Peter de With of Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Netherlands) will discuss image processing and image interpretations.

Conferences at both events are designed to meet the scientific, technical, and business needs of their respective communities.

SPIE Remote Sensing will have 11 conferences on such topics as signal processing, lidar technologies, adaptive optics systems, sensors, and other aspects of remote sensing for agriculture, ocean, environmental, and atmospheric monitoring.

Special events include a tour of the labs of the European Space Agency in the Netherlands on Friday and an industry session on the 50th anniversary of TNO Space.  

SPIE Security + Defence will have an exhibition in the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre 23-24 September.

Among the topics to be covered in 12 technical conferences are military applications in hyperspectral imaging, laser technologies, quantum cryptography, optronics, optical and photonics materials for security applications, free-space optical communication techniques, unmanned/unattended sensors, THz sensors, sensor networks, and technologies for optical countermeasures.

Symposium chair for SPIE Security + Defence is SPIE Fellow David H. Titterton of Defence Science and Technology Lab (UK). Co-chairs are SPIE member Reinhard Ebert of Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (Germany) and SPIE Senior Member Ric Schleijpen from TNO Defence, Security and Safety (Netherlands).

Symposium chair for SPIE Remote Sensing is SPIE Senior Member Charles R. Bostater of Florida Institute of Technology (USA). Co-chairs are Snijders and Ulrich Michel of University of Education Heidelberg (Germany).

DOI: 10.1117/2.4201407.32

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