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2014 July: SPIE Professional Archived Issue

The July 2014 issue of SPIE Professional covers the SPIE magazine's sponsorship of the International Year of Light 2015 Photo Contest, annual SPIE awards, photonics in the World Cup, how optics "intrapreneurship" can help your career, and a preview of SPIE Optics + Photonics 2014.

Careers in Photonics

Not ready for entrepreneurship? Become an intrapreneur instead.

New SPIE Salary Survey finds good pay, satisfaction, and career success matter.

Workshops at SPIE events focus on photonics business creation.

SPIE Membership News

The SPIE 2014 election continues through 6 August.

Attending SPIE events can advance your optics career.

SPIE journal articles by Max Planck Society authors will be open access.

SPIE awarded over $59,000 in 2014 education outreach grants so far.

Learn about new optics and photonics funding opportunities. Web-only bonus content.

Join the SPIE group on LinkedInFollow SPIE event and career news on LinkedIn.

SPIE 2014 Awards

James Harrington receives 2014 SPIE Gold Medal

J. Scott Tyo receives the 2014 G.G. Stokes Award

Jeremy Munday receives the 2014 SPIE Early Career Achievement Award

Cristina Solano receives the 2014 SPIE Educator Award

Rajpal Sirohi receives the 2014 Chandra S. Vikram Award

Vladimir Shalaev and Wenshan Cai win Goodman Award

James Bock receives the 2014 George W. Goddard Award

Pramod Rastogi receives the 2014 Dennis Gabor Award

Matthew ‘Chuck' Rimmer receives the 2014 A.E. Conrady Award.

Jeff Squier receives the 2014 Harold E. Edgerton Award

Arizona and Georgia researchers awarded Kidger Scholarship and Guenther Fellowship

July 2014 || ISSN 1994-4403

View a PDF of the print issue of SPIE Professional (7 MB).

Featured Articles

SPIE announces the International Year of Light 2015 Photo Contest.

A year's worth of activities will highlight the importance of light-based technologies.

SPIE Technology Achievement Award recipient Rajendra Singh sees opportunities for PV device design.

Photonics R&D Highlights

A pulse-compression scheme improves accuracy of tissue-stiffness maps.

A review of a new book on wavefront analysis. Bonus web-only content.

Neurophotonics and Journal of Medical Imaging begin publication.

Highlights from SPIE Photonics Europe 2014

Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward created several of the earliest holographic art pieces. Bonus, extended version as PDF.

Optics Conferences and Events

Preview of 17-21 August event in San Diego, CA (USA)

Preview of two events, 22-25 September, in Amsterdam.

Important dates for optics and photonics professionals.

See all upcoming SPIE conferences and exhibitions.

Photonics for a Better World

A house window that doubles as a solar panel could be on the horizon.

NASA's OCO-2 mission will measure glow from plants on Earth.

Green lasers are used to kill lice on farmed salmon.

Follow our blog for more articles on photonics for a better world.

Optical technology makes history in the “Beautiful Game.”

US takes steps toward National Photonics Initiative.

Five years' of articles from SPIE Professional about how photonics is making a better world.

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