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SPIE Professional October 2011

Members elect new leadership for 2012

SPIE President Katarina Svanberg announced election results for new officers and members of the SPIE board of directors at the Annual General Meeting of the Society in August. New board members and officers will take office 1 January 2012.

Eustace DereniakEustace Dereniak to become president

SPIE Fellow Eustace Dereniak will succeed Svanberg as SPIE president in January 2012. Dereniak is a professor at University of Arizona (USA) where he received his PhD in optical sciences as well as the 2006 College of Optical Sciences Award of Distinction for Undergraduate Teaching.

He has served on the SPIE Awards and Strategic Planning Committees and chaired SPIE conferences on infrared detectors and focal plane arrays, infrared photoelectronics, semiconductor photodetectors, imaging spectrometers, and infrared technology.

His technical interests include infrared detectors and 2D arrays, photodetector arrays, and germanium and silicon detectors.

William ArnoldWilliam Arnold is president-elect

SPIE Fellow William Arnold, chief scientist and vice president of the Technology Development Center at ASML USA, will serve as the 2012 president-elect and will become SPIE president in January 2013. He has served on numerous SPIE committees and is a past chair of the Publications Committee. Arnold was also the senior editor of the SPIE Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMs, and MOEMs from 2002-2011.

With BA and MS degrees in physics, Arnold's technical interests include optical and EUV lithography, semiconductor devices, and chip manufacturing and nanoscale processing for future electronic and photonics devices.

H. Philip StahlNew vice president is Philip Stahl

SPIE Fellow H. Philip Stahl, senior optical physicist and James Webb Space Telescope Optical Components Lead at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, was elected to serve as the 2012 vice president.

A leading authority in optical metrology, optical engineering, and phase-measuring interferometry, Stahl has developed a number of high-speed and infrared phase-measuring interferometers for many of the world's largest telescopes, including the Keck, VLT, and Gemini.

Stahl is serving on the Engineering, Science and Technology Policy Committee (ESTeP) this year and has served on numerous other SPIE committees. He is a past director of SPIE and was the SPIE-appointed vice president of the International Commission for Optics from 2006 through 2011.

He received his BA in physics and mathematics from Wittenberg University and his MS and PhD in optical sciences from University of Arizona.

Brian LulaBrian Lula re-elected secretary/treasurer

SPIE members have re-elected SPIE Fellow Brian Lula, president and CEO of PI (Physik Instrumente), as secretary/treasurer of SPIE.

A world-class CCD astronomical imager and educator and member of numerous SPIE committees, Lula's technical interests include nanopositioning technologies, telescope mechanical/optical system design and fabrication, and astronomical imaging. He graduated in mechanical engineering from Centennial College in Canada and completed advanced engineering courses at the University of Michigan.

New members of SPIE Board of Directors

SPIE members who will begin terms on the Board of Directors in 2012 are:

Judy FennellyJudy Fennelly
Air Force Research Lab (USA)



Maryellen GigerMaryellen Giger
University of Chicago (USA)



John GrievenkampJohn Greivenkamp
University of Arizona (USA)



Seung-Han ParkSeung-Han Park
Yonsei University (South Korea)



D.P. TsaiD. P. Tsai
National Taiwan University (Taiwan)




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DOI: 10.1117/2.4201107.13

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