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SPIE Professional January 2011

Chip Challenge at SPIE Advanced Lithography

logo for SPIE Advanced Lithography meetingFinding solutions to the technology and cost-efficiency challenges in the semiconductor industry will be a prominent topic at conferences, panel discussions, and plenary talks during this year’s SPIE Advanced Lithography symposium in San Jose, CA (USA).

The event, to be held 27 February-3 March, will bring together hundreds of top lithography researchers in six conferences dedicated to such topics as EUV, resist materials, self assembly, double patterning, maskless lithography, optical extension, and metrology, all aimed at achieving the advancements predicted in Moore’s Law.

The 2011 program will also include an exhibition, 12 courses and workshops taught by experts in the field, poster sessions, and several SPIE hosted lunches.

Plenary speakers Luc Van den hove, president and CEO of IMEC (Belgium), and Shang-Yi Chiang, senior vice president of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (Taiwan), will address the question of how the industry can sustain itself and prosper in an era of smaller and smaller chips. Their presentations will be on Monday morning, 28 February.

William M. Tong of SES Consultants will also moderate at a discussion 2 March on the economics of lithography for alternative applications such as biotech. A panel of experts will discuss the requirements of emerging applications whose performance metrics may not be as high as in semiconductor production.

SPIE Fellows Donis Flagello of Nikon Research Corp. and Harry Levinson of GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. are chair and co-chair, respectively.

Other technical events include:

  • Panel discussion on nanotechnology and patterning for green energy semiconductor solutions
  • Panel discussion on collaboration and competitiveness among mask makers
  • Part 2 of a mock trial of EUV and DPT ArF
  • Reference metrology workshop

Funds for students

Cymer is sponsoring an optical microlithography best student paper award at SPIE Advanced Lithography.

Find more information at SPIE Advanced Lithography.

Have a question or comment about this article? Write to us at spieprofessional@spie.org.

DOI: 10.1117/2.4201101.17

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