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SPIE Professional Magazine

The October 2016 issue of SPIE Professional magazine shows you the optics of Google Earth and previews several SPIE events for 2017, including SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco. This issue also has articles on 3D lightwave circuits, the early history of the fiber-optic gyro, and a tipsheet for project managers in science and optical engineering.

Optics and Photonics R&D

A brief personal history of the fiber-optic gyro on its 40th anniversary

New applications in space-division multiplexing.

New research proposes using robots to assemble telescope in space.

Journal of Applied Remote Sensing honors authors of 3 papers.

Recommended reading in Journal of Photonics for Energy.

Recommended reading in Optical Engineering.

Recommended reading in Journal of Photonics for Energy.

Optics and photonics professionals keep calm and carry on after England withdraws from the EU.

Optical imaging plays key role in new US attack on cancer.

Special section in 2 journals focuses on NIRS in clinical applications.

News and photos from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2016

Authors of Optical Engineering article win Kingslake Medal and Prize.

Emphasis on dark energy, major telescopes at SPIE astronomy meeting.

Photonics Careers

Lessons learned from project managers in science and engineering

A report on gender equity issues in the optics and photonics community.

Photonics for a Better World

Solar concentrators help eliminate unnecessary light in national park.

US lab looks at recycling computer magnets.

SPIE Professional articles, 2009-2016

October 2016 | ISSN 1994-4403

PDF of the print edition, SPIE Professional. (7.2 MB)

Featured Stories in SPIE Professional

Custom optics and sensor systems power Google Earth imagery.

UNESCO receives final report on IYL 2015.

SPIE Membership News

Robert Lieberman on the future of photonics.

SPIE members elect Oschmann, Spiegel, 4 directors.

SPIE promotes 198 to Senior Member status in 2016.

Rabbani, Barton receive SPIE awards.

Report on SPIE annual general meeting 2016.

LinkedInSPIE news about careers and events on LinkedIn. 

SPIE Events

Preview of the biggest event of the year, 28 January - 2 February 2017.

February 2017 medical imaging conferences emphasize deep learning and precision medicine.

The 2017 DCS symposium will be held in California, 9-13 April.

Oregon hosts 25-29 March 2017 symposium.

Neurophotonics, imaging, and OCT, 16-19 October in Australia.

Calendar of upcoming SPIE events.

Optics and Photonics Education News

SPIE awards 133 education scholarships.

Organizations conduct optics, photonics outreach.

Advanced optical techniques for biomaging in Trieste, Italy, 13-24 February.

Kenneth Kort appointed Guenther Congressional Fellow.

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