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    Welcome to SPIE

    SPIE is the international society for optics and photonics advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light.

    The Society serves 255,000 constituents from 183 countries, offering conferences and their published proceedings, continuing education, books, journals, and the SPIE Digital Library. Annually, SPIE provides more than $5 million towards education and outreach programs.As a Member, you can help direct how SPIE allocates a portion of these funds. What type of community support should we prioritize?

    Since 1955 our Members have led the way in applied research, new applications, and moving technology to market. We are glad you are here - joining is good for business.

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    Your individual Membership provides access to important information, useful tools, and the opportunity to connect with a powerful network of colleagues. Take advantage of the opportunities that will benefit you the most.

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    SPIE Profiles received 450,000 page views last year and rank high in Google searches. Update, enhance, and control the information in your profile through your SPIE account.

    Network at events, see the latest research, and stay on top of industry trends. Enjoy reduced registration fees at approximately 25 annual technical forums, exhibitions, and education programs in North America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.

    Recruiting resources from SPIE include online job postings and exhibiting at job fairs.

    Gain recognition for you and your company

    Industry awards recognize outstanding companies in the optics and photonics industry. Awards range from the Prism Awards to the Startup Challenge.

    Senior Members are Members of distinction honored for their professional experience, their active involvement with the optics community and SPIE, and/or significant performance that sets them apart from their peers.

    Fellows are Members honored for their technical achievement and for their service to the general optics community and to SPIE in particular.

    Stay on top of industry trends

    The Optics and Photonics Global Salary Report provides the community with up-to-date information on important workplace topics and is a reference to understand compensation across the career landscape.

    10 free SPIE Digital Library downloads, choose from over 500,000 optics and photonics technical papers and presentations.

    Journal of your choiceAll journals are dedicated to advancing the science and application of light and light-based technologies.

    SPIE News delivers interesting content to your inbox every month, offering articles on topics ranging from industry announcements to technological breakthroughs.

    Get involved with the Society

    Photonics Clusters are concentrations of optics-related firms and universities that maintain strong research and workforce ties, create quality jobs, share common economic needs, and work with government and stakeholders to strengthen the industry.

    Advocacy allows you to become informed about public policy issues in the science community, get involved in the legislative process, and help shape US technology policy.

    Volunteer in ways such as facilitating collaboration between researchers, mentoring students, or helping guide the direction of the Society by serving on committees or through your vote.

    Some benefits require an SPIE account to gain access