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SPIE Membership - benefits for semiconductor and lithography professionals

SPIE Membership gives you access to information, resources, and networking opportunities | Join today

Join your peers in the semiconductor and lithography industries who already are SPIE Members, making SPIE their #1 professional resource. With SPIE Membership you can access information on latest developments, resources for maintaining technical and professional competency, and valuable networking and leadership opportunities that will increase your visibility across various technical communities.

Annual Dues

Individual Membership: $105
Individual 3-Year Membership: $297
Individual Lifetime Membership: $995
Individual Membership Special Consideration Nations$30

Member benefits include

Substantial discounts on: 

  • Conference registrations, such as 
    • SPIE Advanced Lithography: the premier conference for the lithography community with topics such as EUVL, advanced etch technology for nanopattterning, alternative lithographic technoloiges, optical microlithography, and more.
    • SPIE Photomask Technology: latest information in mask making, mask business, and emerging mask technologies.

  • Publications, including SPIE Conference Proceedings, peer-reviewed journals, and SPIE Press Books, such as
    • Journal of Micro/nanolithography, MEMS and MOEMS
    • Optical Lithography: Here is Why
    • Principles of Lithography, Third Edition
    • Field Guide to Optical Lithography
    • The Art of Radiometry

  • Professional development training, including courses such as
    • Introduction to Microlithography: Theory, Materials, and Processing
    • Lithographic Optimization: A Theoretical Approach
    • EUV Lithography

SPIE Digital Library:

  • Members receive 10 SPIE Digital Library Proceedings or Journal article downloads per year (to be used within 12 months and for the sole use of the member. See full terms of use). Note: Open Access articles in the SPIE Digital Library are free and accessible any time; these articles are indicated by
    Open Access
    The SPIE Digital Library is the world's largest collection of optics and photonics research, and SPIE editor-reviewed Proceedings manuscripts are available through the SPIE Digital Library just 2 to 4 weeks after the conference.


  • Members receive online subscription to the SPIE Journal of their choice. Members also have the opportunity to subscribe to additional journals at a substantial discount. SPIE Journals publish articles on the latest applied research and emerging technologies in optics and photonics. Journal subscriptions include online access to all past articles of said journal.

Online Courses:

SPIE Professional:
SPIE Professional magazine features career trends and industry insights associated with the optics and photonics profession.

Career Advancement: Become eligible for nomination as an SPIE Fellow or Senior Member. Post a resume or search jobs at the SPIE Career Center, the career website for optics and photonics professionals.

Member Directory: Allows Members to connect with others using our online directory.

SPIE.org Profile: Displays your professional contact information and aggregates SPIE information about your publications, conferences, and courses into one highly findable page. Learn more about SPIE Profiles.

Want to become more involved with your Society? Access a unique set of resources designed to aid with developing careers, building futures, and widening professional networks.

*Life and 3-year Members receive the current year's benefits and must keep their contact information up to date to continually receive SPIE benefits.

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