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Notes on significant performance

Many prospective applicants make the mistake of assuming that "significant performance" requires special awards, patents or other extremely sophisticated technical accomplishments; such is not the case. Substantial job responsibilities such as team leader, task supervisor, person in charge of a program or project, engineer or scientist performing research with some measure of success (papers), or faculty developing, teaching courses with research and publications, all are indications of significant performance well as the following:

  • Substantial responsibility or achievement in their respective field
  • Publication of technical papers, books or inventions
  • Technical direction or management of important scientific or engineering work with evidence of accomplishment
  • Recognized contributions to the welfare of the scientific or engineering profession
  • Development or furtherance of important scientific or engineering courses

Significant performance that would serve to qualify an individual for elevation to Senior Member need not have occurred in the years immediately prior to the application. Thus, life and retired members are eligible for elevation.

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