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Resources for Early Career Professionals

By joining SPIE as an early career professional, you have access to a unique set of resources designed to meet your needs:

The SPIE Early Career Achievement Award is given each year in recognition of significant and innovative technical contributions to the scientific community.

The SPIE-Franz Hillenkamp Fellowship provides an annual award of US$75,000 to translate new biomedical optics and biophotonics technologies to clinical practice for improving human health.

Career Advice
We've collected some of the best articles from SPIE Professional that focus on career options, transitioning to the working world, workplace advice, and more, and put them in one easy to browse location. Explore the new Student and Early Career Professional Article Collection.

SPIE partnered with Anthony Fasano, PE, the Engineering Career Coach, to host a Professional Development Webinar Series exclusively for SPIE Members. Log in now to watch all five webinars in the series.

Networking Tools
Nothing beats face to face networking, but if you can't attend regular conferences, the SPIE group on social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, are the next best alternative.

Joining Committees
Interested in becoming more involved in SPIE Conferences? Send an email to earlycareer@spie.org and tell us about your professional interests. We are continually working to identify early career professionals as potential candidates to attend on-site conference planning meetings. Here, conference volunteers discuss the future direction of their technical areas at SPIE events. These meetings represent an excellent opportunity to get involved in conferences and network with some of our amazing volunteers!