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Early Career Professional Members

New careers require additional skills and connections. SPIE Membership gives you access to the resources you need: professional development, networking, leadership opportunities, and technical libraries/expertise.

Early Career Professionals (ECP's) are defined as recent, post-secondary graduates within three years of graduating with what they anticipate to be their highest degree. We allow people to join as ECP’s up to one year before their actual graduation date, if they wish.

Annual Dues

Early Career Professional Membership: $55
Early Career Professional 3-Year Membership: $150
Early Career Professional 5-Year Membership: $250

As an Early Career Professional, enjoy all the benefits of an Individual Member including:

New Events and Courses
Additional events and courses that address the unique needs of our Early Career Professional Members are scheduled throughout the year. We strive to continuously improve our programs; let us know if you have an idea for an SPIE Course or Event. This is your Society.

Exclusive Webcasts
Access to webcasts designed specifically for Early Career Professionals. Missed a webcast? Watch archived broadcasts on SPIE.TV.

NEW: SPIE is partnering with Anthony Fasano, PE, the Engineering Career Coach, to host a Professional Development Webinar Series that started October 2016 exclusively for SPIE Members. Registration is open for the fourth webinar, How to Prepare a Resume, Ace Every Job Interview, and Create an Extraordinary Engineering Career, on 9 May 2017.

Lower Dues
Recent post-secondary graduates are eligible for up to five years of Early Career Professional Membership at $55/year - over 50% off the regular price of $125.

Get access to technical information, career development tools and networking opportunities, join SPIE as an Early Career Professional.

Want to become more involved with your Society? Access a unique set of resources designed to aid with developing careers, building futures, and widening professional networks.

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Download Photonics: Technical applications of light - infographics
The English version of the infographic book, created by SPECTARIS and other industry sponsors in Germany, covering basic photonics concepts. 

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