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Join SPIE Career Lab

SPIE Career Lab

Join a lively community of people connected to optics and photonics who help each other by exchanging professional advice, questions, and opportunities every week.

Career Lab is a Facebook Group for photonics career discussion, a Facebook account is necessary to join.

Past Topics

    • Careers and academia (6 units)

    • Choosing your career path (8 units)

    • Collaboration and communication (9 units)

    • Community (4 units)

    • Diversity and inclusion (4 units)

    • Industry and beyond (17 units)

    • Mental health and well being (11 units)

    • Presenting your research (7 units)

    • Soft skills to get ahead (15 units)

    • Student life: academic (5 units)

    • Student life: personal (5 units)

    • Volunteering (9 units)

    • Working internationally (2 units)

SPIE Career Lab Editorial Board

The SPIE Career Lab is lead by an Editorial Board of volunteers composed of students and early career professionals that help curate the group.

In addition to the Editorial Board, we are always looking for volunteers to lead conversation topics they are passionate about! Please feel free to message any of the Editorial Board on Facebook and propose a discussion topic.

For 2020, our volunteers are:

Photo gallery of Career Lab Editorial Board Members 2020