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Paper 12032-300

Emerging Clinical Applications of Medical Extended Reality (MXR)

In person: 21 February 2022 • 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM PST


With the increased availability of extended reality (XR) devices in the marketplace, there has been a rapid development of medical XR applications spanning from education, training, rehabilitation, pre-procedural planning, and intra-procedural use. We will explore various use case to understand the importance of technology-use case matches and focus on intra-procedural use cases which generally have the highest risk to patient and medical provider but may have the most sizable impact on benefit to patient and procedure.


Jennifer N. Avari Silva
Washington Univ. in St. Louis (United States)
[b]Jennifer Silva[/b] is Director of Pediatric Electrophysiology and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Biomedical Engineering at Washington University School of Medicine/St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and serves as the Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship for Washington University SOM. She serves on committees within the Heart Rhythm Society, Pediatric and Congenital Electrophysiology Society, and serves on the NIH-SBIR study section for Cardiovascular Innovation. Jennifer also serves on the Editorial Board of Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, Heart Rhythm O2, and Cardiovascular Digital Health journals. The scope of her research has been on developing and identifying clinical applications of new and emerging technologies within cardiac electrophysiology, particularly in the scope of wearable and advanced wearable technologies, including the extended realities.
Jennifer N. Avari Silva
Washington Univ. in St. Louis (United States)