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Route Des Lasers

Contact information

Hervé Floch

Route Des Lasers
Avenue du Maréchal Juin
2 Allée du Doyen Georges Brus
33600 Pessac

Tel: +33(0)557578483
Email: alpha@2adi.aquitaine.fr
Cluster Website: www.routedeslasers.com

Route des Lasers competitiveness cluster gathers industry, research and education actors from the optics and lasers sector in Bordeaux, France. The cluster is dedicated to facilitate optics and lasers technology development and diffusion, primarily in laser systems and their applications, metrology and imaging and innovating physics, for industrial sectors such as: aeronautics and embedded systems, health, vision, chemistry, food industries, electronics. Route des Lasers takes concrete actions in the following fields:

• Identification and following of innovative industrial R&D, collaborative or pivotal projects,

• Guiding collective actions on behalf of members,

• Implementation of the cluster's policy to extend its reputation and attractiveness,

• Relations with partner competitiveness clusters.