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Optence e.V. Networking in Photonics

Contact information

Daniela Reuter

Mailing Address
Optence e. V.
Ober-Saulheimer-Str. 6
55286 Wörrstadt 
Tel: +49 6732-935122 

Cluster Website


Optence e.V. - Optics in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate

Optence brings together users of optical technologies and suppliers from industry and research.  The aim is to create efficient structures of communications and shorten the way from idea to product.

For example, central issues are worked out in teams in order to generate innovation of applications or products and to realise these in regional cooperations.  Application-related problems are discussed and a training concept for the future is developed.

Optence offers more above that: services like aid programme consulting, technical workshops and public relations in order to influence the image of optical technologies positively.