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2020 SPIE Startup Challenge Winners

Healthcare track

1st place winner: Odin Technologies, LLC

Presenter: Steven Hansen

$10,000 prize + $5,000 in equipment

Odin is developing a wearable diagnostic that assesses extremity hemodynamics; allowing caregivers to identify perfusion injuries and complications.

Startup Challenge Winner

2nd place winner: Rubitection

Presenter: Sanna Gaspard

$5,000 prize

The Rubitect Assessment System (RAS) is an optical skin health and wellness tool for diagnosis and monitoring with an initial application to early pressure ulcer (bedsore) prevention.

Startup Challenge Winner

3rd place winner: Eysz, Inc.

Presenter: Rachel Kuperman

$2,500 prize

Leave no seizure undetected.

Startup Challenge Winner

Finalist: C. Light Technologies, Inc.

Presenter: Zach Helft

C. Light Technologies is an neurotech and AI company that has created a 10-second retinal eye-tracking scan that can objectively assess brain health.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: Digiteyez Technologies LLC

Presenter: Brandon Zimmerman

The future of global eyecare.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: PediaMetrix Inc

Presenter: Reza Seifabadi

PediaMetrix enables parents to detect, monitor, and treat Flat Head Syndrome at the point of care using patented AI-enabled mobile application.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Deep Tech track

1st place winner: Senorics GmbH

Presenter: Ronny Timmreck

$10,000 prize + $5,000 in equipment

Senorics builds low-cost, mobile and robust spectroscopic systems which bring spectroscopy to the B2C mass market - detect. know. decide.

Startup Challenge Winner

2nd place winner: Labby Inc.

Presenter: Anshuman Das

$5,000 prize

Labby is a data company that is combining optical sensing with AI to help dairy farms become more profitable through real-time milk analysis.

Startup Challenge Winner

3rd place winner: Circle Optics

Presenter: Zakariya Niazi

$2,500 prize

Hydra is setting a new standard for 360° content capture by making it as easy as a regular point and shoot camera.

Startup Challenge Winner

Finalist: Momentum Optics

Presenter: Jeremy Goeckeritz

Affordable custom optics. Rapidly delivered.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: ORCA Computing

Presenter: Richard Murray

ORCA uses proprietary, optical fibre-based technology as a new approach towards cheaper, more scalable and reconfigurable quantum computers.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: QLM Technology Ltd

Presenter: Murray Reed

Natural gas leaks are a major source of global greenhouse gas. Quantum gas imagers to see the leaks will help save billions of dollars…and our planet.

Startup Challenge Finalist

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