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2019 SPIE Startup Challenge Winners

Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2019 SPIE Startup Challenge.

Winner: Avenda Health

Presenter: Brit Berry-Pusey

$10,000 prize + $5,000 in equipment

Avenda Health is treating prostate cancer in the clinic while preserving quality of life.

Startup Challenge Winner

2nd Place: Radiance 4D

Presenter: Hossein Heidari

Product: Radiance 4D

$5,000 prize

A revolutionary 3D printing technology inspired by tomography prints the entire 3D volume of an object at once, unlike slow, layer-based alternatives.

Startup Challenge Second Place

3rd Place: Opto Biolabs

Presenter: Kathrin Brenker

$2,500 Prize

Opto Biolabs‘ core product is a temperature-controlled LED illumination device that allows the analysis of optogenetic experiments in a flow cytometer.

Startup Challenge Second Place

Finalist: dermadiagnostics

Presenter: Eydis Lima

Product: diapatchTM

A noninvasive, wearable patch that allows for better detection of high-risk biomarkers leading to malignant gynecologic cancer health.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: Leuko Labs

Presenter: Carlos Castro-Gonzalez

The first non-invasive white cell monitoring device to improve quality of life and outcomes in chemotherapy patients.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: Unistellar

Presenter: Franck Marchis

Product: Enhanced Vision Telescope

Unistellar is reinventing astronomy with the Enhanced Vision Telescope: a combination of optics and image-processing technology to make astronomy fun.

Startup Challenge Finalist