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2018 SPIE Startup Challenge Results

Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2018 SPIE Startup Challenge.

Winner: PhotoniCare, Inc.

Presenter: Ryan Shelton

Product: ClearView Imaging Platform

$10,000 prize + $5,000 in equipment

The PhotoniCare ClearView is a simple, low-cost imaging platform that enables users to see through tissue. Visualize the middle ear without cutting the eardrum open.

Startup Challenge Winner

2nd Place: CareWear Corp.

Presenter: Chris Castel

Product: CareWear Firefly - Wearable Therapeutic Light

$5,000 prize

CareWear Firefly is a wearable therapeutic light patch using printed LEDs and CFQD film to treat pain and accelerate recovery from soft tissue injury.

Startup Challenge Second Place

3rd Place: Orbis Diagnostics, Ltd.

Presenter: Cather Simpson

$2,500 Prize

Orbis will allow smart dairy farmers to innovate by providing key data about core business - producing excellent milk from the healthiest animals in the most sustainable way.

Startup Challenge Second Place

Finalist: Vitrum3D

Presenter: Dorothea Helmer

Specialty Resins for 3D printing of transparent fused silica glass

Startup Challenge Second Place

Finalist: C. Light - The Neuro-Deficit Screening and Therapy Guidance Tool

Presenter: Christy Sheehy

C. Light - the fast, objective, and most accurate retinal eye-tracking tool made to help doctors detect the mildest of neuro-deficits, allowing their patients to do what they love safely and for as long as possible.

Startup Challenge Second Place

Finalist: CarNanny - Smart Baby Car Seat

Presenter: Chukwunonso Arinze

A seat incorporated with optic sensors that serves as an internet of baby things about the well-being of a baby. Imagine Amazon Echo in a baby car seat with optic sensors.

Startup Challenge Second Place