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Startup Challenge Results 2017


2017 winners, sponsors, and judges gather on stage to celebrate.

First place and grand prize: Cellino Biotech
Second place: IC Touch
Third place: Lumedica

Our other finalists:
Fresh Strips
TriLite Technologies

Learn more about the 23 Semi-Finalists who were selected to participate in the Startup Challenge Pitch Clinic 30 January, and finally compete in the Semi-Finals 31 January for the six coveted spots in the Finals.

2017 Winners & Finalists

Click on the images to watch the finalists' pitch videos.

1st place badge

Cellino Biotech

Marinna Madrid

Nanodevices for Cellular Therapy

$10,000 prize + $5,000 in equipment

Cellino Biotech

Using lasers and nanotechnology to cure any viral or genetic disease that affects the blood.

Cellino has developed laser-activated nanodevices to efficiently and effectively deliver novel gene therapies to cells, to cure viral or genetic diseases such as leukemia and HIV that affect the blood.

IC Touch

Zeev Zalevsky

Tactile Vision

$5,000 Prize

IC Touch

Sight for the visually impaired using cornea-based “symbolic” imaging via tactile spatial stimulation

With the mission of transforming the world of the visually impaired people to help facilitate their integration into working society, Zeev Zalevsky of Bar Ilan University and CTO and founder of IC Touch CTO pitched his company's device that allows blind or visually impaired people to "see" by translation of visual information captured by a camera to spatial tactile stimulation of the cornea.


Adam Wax

OQ EyeScope

$2,500 Prize


Making eye imaging more affordable, accessible and easier to use.

New technologies are expensive to develop and expensive to get to market – the result is a device that costs so much, only big hospitals can afford them, and only the most highly trained doctors can use them. This ultimately limits patient access to those who can afford to travel to big hospitals for their care. Lumedica was founded to fix this problem. We want to bring high performance, low cost imaging devices to market at a price point that lets independent health care providers afford the technology that their patients need. Our first target is eye care where OCT is the gold standard, but its cost limits patient access. The OQ EyeScope provides great clinical performance at a fraction of the price of current OCT systems.


Fastree 3D

Claude Florin

3D vision with a LIDAR system on chip

Fastree3D solid-state single chip motion sensor delivers 3D imaging for the new markets of automotive safety and autonomous robotics. We enable high resolution LIDARs at a consumer electronics costs, typically 2 cm voxels, 100 fps, at 30m for less than 200$.

Fresh Strips

Koen Nickmans

Optical expiration labels

Fresh Strips

Ensuring quality for food: Fresh Strips is developing optical expiration labels; strips that change color to indicate whether foods or medical supplies have been exposed to excessively high temperatures and can still be consumed or used.

TriLite Technologies GmbH

Jörg Reitterer

RGB Laser Light Module for AR/VR

TriLite Technologies

TriLite has developed an ultra-compact, integrated and hermetically sealed RGB laser light module comprising three bare die semiconductor laser diodes with associated monitor photodiodes and a common microlens, for use in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications.

Learn more about the 2016 winners and finalists with their pitch videos.

Founding Partner


Lead Sponsor

Edmund Optics

Supporting Sponsors

Luminar Technologies