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Startup Challenge 2015 Semi-Finalists

Our team of expert volunteer judges have selected the following pitches to advance in the SPIE Startup Challenge competition:

See the top 8 from this group pitch their business at the Startup Challenge on Wednesday, 11 February at Photonics West!

3D Ring by 3DeWitt

3D Ring is a smart, wearable three-dimensional computer mouse and also the future of user authentication. Inexpensive. Accurate. Patent-protected. Profitable.

Eletha Flores

3DeWitt LLC


Autostereoscopic 3D laser display

TriLite is revolutionizing outdoor Digital Signage by introducing full daylight capable, autostereoscopic (“no-glasses”) 3D displays.

Ferdinand Saint Julien-Wallsee

TriLite Technologies GmbH


BeamLine Diagnostics

A software tool for use with a bedside scanning device for rapid diagnosis of normal, pre-cancerous and cancerous biopsies.

Katherine Oliver

BeamLine Diagnostics


Briteseed, LLC

SafeSnips is a novel tissue-detecting technology that gives surgeons critical information to make more confident decisions in the operating room.

Jonathan Gunn

Briteseed, LLC


Clearbridge Biophotonics

The BIG idea:  CBBP will utilize disruptive photonics technology from Caltech to revolutionize the diagnosis of kidney disease and GU cancers.  The estimated global opportunity for this kind of a product is ~$7B.

Geoffrey Metcalf

Clearbridge Biophotonics



If machine vision was infallible, we'd see autonomous robots everywhere around us. Fastree3D is the next step towards safe vision for machines.

Lucio Carrara

Fastree3D SA



Hemolix is the first technology that can detect deadly pregnancy complications while mother and baby still can be saved.

Anna Pyayt

Univ. of South Florida



Know-how from Space Exploration: LMS(TM) - a high performance Laser Mass Spectrometer reduced to the size of a shoe box. For sensitive 3D chemical analysis of any solid material.

Manuel Ryser



Laser Ablation Tomography (LAT™)

LAT rapidly acquires structural and compositional data in three dimensions using laser ablation micro-sectioning and hyperspectral imaging.

Andrew Yanders

Lasers for Innovative Solutions LLC


Membrane-free Optical Microphone

Moving sounds without moving parts

Balthasar Fischer

XARION Laser Acoustics


Optic2Connect Photonics Solution

Optic2Connect(O2C) develops software solution for the growing silicon photonics industry based on proprietary validated technology, specifically at silicon modulator development. The solution provides accurate analysis of the silicon modulator in both ele

Sean Seah

Optic2Connect Pte Ltd


Opticent Health

Next generation functional OCT method that will radically expand current clinical OCT diagnostic capabilities. We plan to make fOCT the next fMRI.

Kieren Patel

Opticent Health



We developed revolutional compact & low cost photonic sensor being already preliminary in-vivo validated, for non-invasive, non-contact & continues glucose monitoring

Zeev Zalevsky

Bar Ilan University



OptogeniX, a tapered optical fibers approach as next standard for in vivo optogenetic stimulation

Leonardo Sileo



Photoacoustic remote sensing (PARS)

A novel non-contact photoacoustic-optical microscopy system for pre-clinical and clinical biomedical imaging applications.

Parsin Haji Reza

University of Alberta



Picoyune’s patented plasmonic film can replace a lab’s bench worth of equipment with a robust, portable detector that anyone can operate.

Jeffrey Crosby



See-Through Devices for Smartphones

The Future is Transparent! We’re opening the Pandora’s box for see-through devices in smartphone screens. Our aim is to bring on the market a first device within one year: an authentication system.

Jerome Lapointe

Ecole Polytechnique Montreal


Suturing With Light (SWeetLight)

We want to develop a robotic consolle for laser welding of the corneal tissue in penetrating keratoplasty, anterior lamellar keratoplasty, endothelial transplant, in pediatric cataract surgery and in corneal incisions. This minimally invasive procedure pe

Francesca Rossi

Institute of Applied Physics, Italian National Research Council


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