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Past SPIE Startup Challenge Events and Media

2018 Winners
2019 SPIE Startup Challenge
Winner: Avenda Health
2nd Place: Radiance 4D
3rd Place: Opto Biolabs
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2018 Winners
2018 SPIE Startup Challenge
Winner: PhotoniCare, Inc.
2nd Place: CareWear Corp.
3rd Place: Orbis Diagnostics, Ltd.
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2017 Winners
2017 SPIE Startup Challenge
Winner: Cellino Biotech
2nd Place: IC Touch
3rd Place: Lumedica
View all winners and finalists  ›
2016 Winners
2016 SPIE Startup Challenge
Winner: Double Helix, LLC
2nd Place: Diagnostic anSERS, Inc.
3rd Place: Disease Diagnostic Group
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2015 Winners
2015 SPIE Startup Challenge
Winner: Briteseed, LLC / SafeSnips
2nd Place: XARION Laser Acoustics
3rd Place: Picoyune
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2014 Winners
2014 SPIE Startup Challenge
Winner: Microscope-in-a-needle
2nd Place: PlenOptika
3rd Place: MagBioSense
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