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2021 SPIE Startup Challenge Winners

Healthcare track

1st place winner: Advanced Optronics, LLC

Presenter: Jay Reddy

$10,000 prize

OptoFlex provides flexible, biocompatible integrated photonics for intraoperative monitoring in the cochlea.

Startup Challenge Winner

2nd place winner: LASE Innovation

Presenter: Sheldon Kwok

$5,000 prize

Enabling highly multiplexed single-cell analysis with novel laser particles -- next generation light-emitting probes.

Startup Challenge Winner

3rd place winner: Prebeo

Presenter: Phillip Alvarez

$2,500 prize

KVAS is a transportable OCT device and an image-processing algorithm for non-invasive quantitative assessment of donor kidney quality.

Startup Challenge Winner

Finalist: Simulated Inanimate Models LLC

Presenter: Michael Wilson

Our ESIST platform is a "flight simulator for surgery" that delivers standardized, cost-effective surgical training without risking a patient's life.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: StyloSonic

Presenter: Reza Khazaeinezhad

StyloSonic develops a novel non-invasive Periodontal Ultrasound/Photoacoustic Imaging device that provides key information for periodontitis diagnosis.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: Think Biosolution

Presenter: Shourjya Sanyal

Our disease prevention platform is a virtual doctor that continuously tries to detect the onset of mild symptoms in patients 24 hours X 365 days.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Deep Tech track

1st place winner: InABlink

Presenter: Eric Garzon

$10,000 prize

Data In A Blink of an eye. Our WINK-ol is a virtual fibre optic link that transmits data from industrial vehicles to the operation center at 1.5+Gbps.

Startup Challenge Winner

2nd place winner: OwlAI

Presenter: Chuck Gershman

$5,000 prize

Owl’s 3D thermal camera with ranging operates day & night, in any weather, to classify people, animals and vehicles for safer robotic mobility.

Startup Challenge Winner

3rd place winner: Ki3Photonics

Presenter: Yoann Jestin

$2,500 prize

Enabling quantum communication networks today.

Startup Challenge Winner

Finalist: 8Photonics

Presenter: Philippe Raisin

Forget messy breadboard setups - build your lasers on a modular grid with a set of building blocks, ready to be shipped.

Startup Challenge Finalist

Finalist: LIDROTEC

Presenter: Alexander Igelmann

LIDROTEC - The finest cuts on every wafer. Literally “cutting edge”.

Startup Challenge Finalist


Presenter: Barbara Buades

Making Photonics accessible. Specialized Photonics search where you meet components and technologies amongst verified worldwide suppliers.

Startup Challenge Finalist

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