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SPIE Photonics West
4 - 6 Feb 2020
San Francisco, CA, United States

Frankfurt Laser Co.


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Frankfurt Laser Co.
An den 30 Morgen 13
Company Description
Featured Product: Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) and QCL-based Spectrometer Modules for Industry & Defence from mirSense

FLC is a private company engaged in development, production & distribution of: FP, DFB & DBR laser diodes, SM individually addressable & broad area laser diode arrays, superluminescent diodes in the wavelength range from 405nm to 6µm, VCSELs & Quantum Cascade Lasers. FLC also supplies laser diode modules, free space & fiber-coupled, CW and Q-switched DPSS lasers and OEM modules. Its products cover 266nm to 14µm wavelength and 1mW to 3KW power.
18 June 2019
High Power Laser Diode Modules with Fiber Output
The new series ML2240-Series are laser diode modules with high power fiber output. The wavelength range is from 405nm to 1550nm. The power out of the fiber can be up to 1.5W. The operating temperature range is from -10°C to +50°C. With dimensions of 12.6mm to 15mm in diameter and 40mm in length (without connector) they are very compact. As an option these modules are offered with potentiometer for power adjustment, external TTL modulation up to 1MHz and analogue modulation up to 100kHz.
18 June 2019
New IR Laser Illuminators
The IR laser illuminators of the FLTT series are high performance products with integrated high quality VCSEL chips and an excellent optic design. They are offered at wavelengths 808nm, 860nm & 940nm and with output powers of up to 6W which allows an illuminating distance of up to 2000m. Due to an outstanding circuit control with high efficiency and wide beam angle zooming range it can match the field of view angle of most cameras, like high-speed dome, PTZ and traffic monitoring cameras. The fan angle can be electronically adjusted via serial port within a range of 1.7° to 70° and with a tolerance of ±0.2°. The output beam is very uniform and speckle free. Thus they are excellently suitable for the use in video surveillance systems, machine vision, automotive night vision systems, gesture recognition, displays or military applications.
18 June 2019
New Laser Diode Module with Easy Focus Adjustment
It is eminently necessary in machine vision, especially in 3D vision systems, to have a laser illumination source that delivers uniform and stable output beam. FLC offers laser diode modules from the HAML-F series for those applications. They are very compact, reliable and focus can easily be adjusted by rotating the upper part by hand. Additionally it fulfills the IP67 requirements, which make it the right product for the use in harsh environmental conditions at production facilities.
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