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SPIE Photonics West
4 - 6 Feb 2020
San Francisco, CA, United States

Boston Electronics

BOOTH NUMBER: 3401, 3301

View Floor Plan

Boston Electronics
91 Boylston St
Brookline, MA
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: IR detectors and preamps - high speed, high performance & affordable, TE cooled and room temperature

Specialists in detection: Fast, sensitive IR detectors; Vis-NIR single photon counting; IR thermopiles; IR focal plane arrays and cameras; UV photodiodes. Specialists in sources: UV-Vis-NIR picosecond pulsed lasers; IR QCL; IR sources & LED. Signal processing electronics including: Preamplifiers for detectors; Picosecond event counters for photon counting; Transient recorders. Instrumentation: Microscope thermal control; Lock-in amplifiers.
30 January 2020
High Speed (>1 GHz Bandwidth) Infrared Detection Module – UHS-M
Boston Electronics announces the UHS-M; a high performance, high bandwidth detector/preamplifier module from our partners at Vigo. Bandwidth is a minimum of 1 GHz with detector sensitivity from 3 to 11+ um. Application include fast pulsed laser measurements, dual-comb spectroscopy, free space optical communication, etc. The UHS-M module is self-contained in one package with the IR detector, preamplifier, TEC controller and power supply.
30 January 2020
Affordable MWIR Detector Module
The smallest MWIR detection module on the market! InAsSb detector integrated with preamplifier - overall dimensions 10 x 10 mm2. All compliant with the RoHS directive and safe for the consumer market!


• PVA-5 InAsSb detector integrated with preamplifier
• Amplified low-noise output
• Miniaturized
• Modularity and multipurpose
• Through hole mounting possible
• Price-competitive
• RoHS compliance (consumer market safety)
30 January 2020
Multi-Element (8-32x) MCT/InAsSb Detectors
Vigo advanced technology has created multi-element IR detectors (8-32 elements) dedicated to your applications. Arrays are now available with dedicated preamplifiers.


• High S/N ratio allows to operation with low power thermal sources or IR diodes
• High accuracy of temperature measurements (mK)
• USB digital interface for easy integration
• Arrays can be configured to various applications and shapes
• On board microprocessor enables algorithms implementation such as filtering and output shape correction
30 January 2020
PearlLab Beam™ UV Dose Response Tool - Collimating Beam Devices
Each bacteria, virus or spore has a unique sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Accurate determination of exposure times and wavelengths is a key step in characterizing cell behavior for any researcher or system designer. Collimating Beam Devices are a critical tool in providing a standardized unit of measurement for UV exposure.

PearlLab Beam, from AquiSense Technologies, is a compact Collimated Beam Device which employs UV- LEDs and emits radiation in the germicidal range. Its small size and ease of use allows the realization of a tabletop homogenized UV delivery system which can be operated in virtually any laboratory or field locations. The PearlLab Beam features a narrow band emission and is available in a suite of individually addressable wavelengths without the use of filters. As full UV-C intensity is reached in under 10mS, the use of a shutter is not necessary.

Each unit provides a very uniform and stable irradiation spot with a Petri Dish Factor above 0.9. They can be used to uniformly irradiate Petri dishes up to 60mm in size. A proprietary integrated heat management system guarantees constant irradiation as a function of time. The temperature of each UV-LED is controlled with active feedback to ensure the intensity output remains constant. This prevents instant decay after turning on, which is typical of commercial UV LED sources. With UV-LED lifetimes up to 10,000 hours of constant wave operation, the PearlLab Beam requires no consumables.
30 January 2020
High Power, Long Life UVC LED
Boston Electronics carries the full line of UVC LED from Nikkiso - an original leader in UVC LED technology. High output devices are available at 265, 280, 285 and 300 nm. LED are packaged in 3.5mm SMD or as SMD on carrier boards with connectors and wire leads for ease of use.
30 January 2020
Low Cost Thermal Imaging For New Markets
Low cost thermal imaging arrays are opening up new markets and applications for infrared sensing. Boston Electronics and Heimann Sensor are pleased to announce 120x64 and 80x64 format thermopile arrays with all digital output and I2C Bus control. These affordable imaging sensors are compact (TO-8) with integral optics. Quick start application sets allow developers to rapidly incorporate these sensors into their systems.
30 January 2020
High-Performance, High Speed Infrared Detectors and QCL
Boston Electronics offers fast, high-performance infrared detectors from the leader, Vigo System. Detectors (MCT or III-V) are room-temperature or TE-cooled and have nanosecond time constants.
Detectors are available with preamplifiers, controllers and software providing you with turn-key capability for your most important measurements.

New products include >1 GHz sensors, linear arrays and affordable chip-on-board modules. We also provide OEM modules specially designed to your volume application and packaging requirements.

We also supply infrared quantum cascade lasers (QCL) from Alpes Lasers to complement your infrared detectors.
30 January 2020
External Cavity Laser Kits (ECLK) from Alpes Lasers
Alpes Lasers’ line of External Cavity Laser Kits (ECLK) is designed for single-mode operation with wide spectral tunability. The ECLK consists of a quantum cascade laser (QCL) gain chip, a grating-tuned extended optical cavity in Littrow configuration, laser drive electronics, an Alpes Lasers TC-3 temperature controller, and a graphical user interface software.

The ECLK is compatible with the Alpes Lasers line of Broad Gain QCLs which tune over up to 25% of their center wavelength. The gain medium is prepared in form of antireflection (AR) coated Fabry-Perot cavity, soldered to an aluminium nitride submount and to a copper carrier. The temperature is actively regulated by a heatsink assembly that includes a thermoelectric element and water cooling for improved heat dissipation.

See the ECLK at Booth 3401.
30 January 2020
New - Frequency Comb Lasers from Alpes Lasers
Frequency Combs Lasers are now available centered around 6.02 microns, in the amine band, in addition to previously available comb lasers available around 7.95 microns.

Optical Frequency Combs are devices emitting light on a wide spectrum consisting of equidistant peaks in frequency space. The distance between these peaks being fixed, typically given by the pulse repetition rate of a train of ultra-short pulses, they can be used as rulers in the frequency domain for Frequency Comb Spectroscopy.

Key Features
• Compact and robust device
• Emission in the mid-IR molecular fingerprint region
• Power per comb tooth in the mW range
• FM modulated output with constant output power
• Direct generation of MWIR
and LWIR radiation with high wall-plug efficiency
• Can be packaged in HHL or LLH housing

Key Applications
• Dual-comb spectroscopy
• Metrology
• Chemical sensing
30 January 2020
VAHEAT – Precise Microscope Temperature Control
Boston Electronics announces the VAHEAT; a new, unique microscope temperature control solution from our partners at Linnowave. Live tissue samples can now be precisely controlled, maintaining true and accurate temperature of your samples within the field of view of your microscope. Even when working with immersion medium. VAHEAT avoids excessive heating of the objective or other optical components. Benefit from fast and precise temperature feedback.

The VAHEAT uniquely maintains temperature; samples are prepared on a smart substrate (disposable) that is equipped with a transparent heating element and a precise temperature probe. No need for bulky cumbersome modifications to your microscope such as thermal chambers, etc. The VAHEAT fits in a standard slide holder and provides accurate temperature at the sample focus, exactly where you need it. Heating rates of up to 100 °C/s enable new types of experiments while ensuring unprecedented temperature stabilization.
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