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SPIE Optifab
15 - 17 Oct 2019
Rochester, NY, United States

Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc.

Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc.
1034-A Van Buren Ave
Indian Trail, NC
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: New Lens Alignment System (LAS) with DMI demo, plus 3D-Profiler metrology for production line QA/QC

Opto Alignment is a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision alignment, assembly and inspection optical systems. Our flagship product, the Laser Alignment & Assembly Station (LAS), employs latest generation illumination and vision technologies, along with computer automation, to achieve sub-micron centering precision. New in 2019 is our most advanced product offering, 3D Profiling tools developed with a high performance-to-price ratio for a wide range of production line QA/QC applications
16 August 2019
LAS-BT™ NexGen
Introducing OATi’s next generation benchtop model of Lens Alignment and Assembly Station (LAS-BT™). LAS-BT™ NexGen is a metrology-grade instrument designed for high-precision lens centration and tilt measurements on single element, doublet, triplet, and multi-element lens assemblies with radius ranging from +/- 1.0mm to infinity (plano) and diameters from 1mm to 150mm (60kg payload), including spherical, aspheric, cylindrical and parabolic surfaces. All this can be done with a single objective lens allowing for a fast and easy measurement. Improved vertical stage with 0.1 µm vertical encoder option for precision Vertex (CT, air gap) and ROC measurement

LAS-BT™ NexGen, benchtop model of our lens alignment and assembly system is the best lens centration and assembly tool available for smaller optical assemblies. It has a unique laser-based technology that offers several measurement and performance advantages over the traditional autocollimator used by our competitors. What benefits does the new design offer?

1. Improved flatness and straightness of vertical travel >>> more accurate alignment
2. Improved tolerance to changes in ambient temperature
3. Improved resistance to vibration
4. Higher precision vertical stage >>> ball screw with safety cover, no pinch points
5. Higher resolution vertical encoder option >>> more accurate Vertex and ROC measurement
6. Comparable centration and height measurement performance to larger models but in a smaller footprint

• Green (520nm) laser reflection based Optical Module
• 533mm vertical linear focusing movement with micro-stepping motor and high-precision rotary encoder
• Ø100mm motorized air-bearing spindle (ABS) with vacuum through center
• Ø150mm integrated x/y/tip/tilt stage
• CalcuLens™ Assembly software for measuring alignment errors of single, cemented doublet and triplet lenses
• Measuring accuracy 0.2μm centration and 0.5 arcsec tilt, depending on the lens specs and opto-mechanical design
• Mechanical dial indicator with calibration lens
• Maximum axial load capacity ~132lb (60Kg).
• System weight ~155lb (70Kg.)
• System dimensions 18"x20"x45" (457x508x1143mm)
• System Requirements:
- Compressed air, pressure: 60PSI (0.004bars)
- Dry air: 40 Dew point
- Filter: ±0.005mm
- Air low: 4 SF/Min (0.113CM/Min)
- Electrical rating: 120/240V 50/60Hz @ 1Amp

• Red (660nm) Laser
• SWIR (1550nm) or MWIR(4.05μm) Laser
• 700mm vertical focusing travel
• Custom brass chucks
• Self centering three-jaw chuck
• CalcuLens™ Inspection software for measuring in-stack (embedded) lens alignment values
• CalcuSurf™ precision USB Lever Probe with digital gage and real-time profiling application
• Low-Coherence Distance Measurement Interferometer for CT and air gap measurement
• Aspheric Tilt Module
• 3D Surface Profiler Module
• Non-contact TIR Probe
• Image Analysis Module (provides on-axis MTF, EFL, BFL, FFL measurement)
• CalcuLens™ Vertex/ROC

LAS-BT™ NexGen is a 155 lb version of the standard 6200 lb LAS-XUP™, at a lower price point that delivers the same high precision but for smaller lens assemblies. It is designed for aligning and cementing doublets or triplets, aligning and centering lenses during small lens-assembly, or inspecting completed small assemblies for centration and tilt quality assurance. The same easy operation and user-friendly software is included in the updated benchtop as in the entire LAS family. LAS does not require an engineer to operate it. Technicians can be trained in a just a few hours and will quickly become experts in its use.

Best lens alignment technology on the market… on your benchtop! LAS-BT™ NexGen