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SPIE Optics + Photonics
24 - 28 Aug 2020
Online Only


600 California St
11th Fl
San Francisco, CA
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: Wavefront sensors, optical test benches, quantitative phase imaging cameras.

Phasics offers metrology and imaging solutions to laser engineers, lens manufacturers and cell biologists. With a range covering UV to LWIR, our high resolution wavefront sensing solutions - based on the patented Quadriwave Lateral Shearing Interferometry technology - combine high accuracy, best-in-class dynamic range and ease of use. Expert software packages provide insightful analysis for R&D and manufacturing.
Product Demonstrations
PHASICS Corp.: Phasics wavefront sensors and applications Presentation External Link

This demonstration video is a preview of our webinar series available in replay. It covers Phasics unique wavefront sensing technology and applications for laser testing, adaptive optics, optics metrology and refractive index characterization applied to waveguides and metasurfaces. To get access to the full replay please contact us at contact@phasics.com
12 August 2020
SID4-sC8 the highest resolution wavefront sensor of the market
With 852 x 720 sampling points and below 20 microns spatial resolution the SID4-sC8 offers unmatched performances.. It brings fast, accurate and truly quantitative phase measurement in a compact, plug-and-play solution.
12 August 2020
Kaleo MultWAVE - The multi-wavelengths dynamic interferometer
Kaleo MultiWAVE is an innovative and cost-effective optical metrology tool that offers Wave Front Error (WFE) and Surface Figure Error (SFE) measurement at any wavelength in the UV, visible or IR range. Whether your test wavelength requirement is 365 nm, 520 nm, 1050 nm or 1550 nm, versatility is our standard !