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1 - 2 Feb 2020
San Francisco, CA, United States

Suzhou Wendi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Wendi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
No 2 Taishan Rd Suzhou New District
Bldg 34
Company Description
Featured Product: Fluorescence filters, biochemical analyzer filters, machine vision filters

Suzhou Wendi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Suzhou in December 2008. The company's main products are optical communication filters, infrared coating products, biochemical analysis filters, laser coating, high-end lenses. In addition, we can provide processing and coating of various band pass filters, long and short pass filters, neutral splits, etc. according to customer needs, win the trust and praise of customers with first-class product quality and after-sales service.
25 November 2019
Machine Vision Filters
The key to the success of machine vision system is to get a picture with good contrast. In addition to the light source, another important component of image contrast enhancement is the machine vision filter used in the image acquisition module, which is used to remove interference light and extract signal light. Ideal filters should separate the unnecessary image information from the target point, improve the contrast test of the target information in the image, and maintain the long-term stability of the light source.
Wendi machine vision filters have been carefully designed and manufactured to meet stringent requirements for machine vision and imaging applications.
Product Advantages
■ High and flat peak transmission – stop wasting expensive light & uniform lighting can be realized;
■Optimal bandwidth – to obtain the greatest ratio of wanted to unwanted light;
■Superior Blocking – to block unwanted light and pass only what you want to see;
■High angle tolerance - to be used in imaging situations with wide viewing angles;
25 November 2019
Raman Filters
Wendi has been a leading manufacturer of high performance optical interference filters for a wide range of applications in Raman spectroscopy.
Product Advantages
■ High transmission - to detect the weakest Raman scattering signal (>98% typical);
■ Deep blocking - for maximum Rayleigh scattering rejection (>OD6);
■ Curve is extremely steep & minimal transition width - to detect the smallest Raman shift;
■ Single-layer substrate coating & Excellent film firmness;
■ Strong damage resistance and a nearly unlimited lifetime;
25 November 2019
Biochemical Analyzer Filters
Biochemical analyzer filters are mainly used in biochemical analyzer and microplate reader. It is the core component of optical system, the optical performance determines the accuracy and sensitivity of equipment inspection.
The multi-channel spectrophotometric biochemical filters are developed for simultaneous measurement of biochemical analyzers with multiple parameter types. Each detector corresponds to different wavelengths, and the energy input obtained is basically the same. This type of filter includes narrow-band filter and dichroic filter, which are used in combination.
The standard biochemical filters designed and manufactured by Wendi are widely used in biochemical analysis instruments. Their good blocking depth can achieve high signal-to-noise ratio. Biochemical filter has superior hard film, corrosion resistance, long life, and can be used almost permanently.、

Product Advantages
■No Wavelength Drift;
■Deep Blocking;
■High SNR;
25 November 2019
Fluorescence Filters
Our team develop and manufacture a wide selection of fluorescence filters which are mainly suitable for biomedical fluorescence detection and analysis systems with high resolution requirements, such as PCR analyzer, POCT, fluorescence microscopy, etc. Through the research of the most popular fluorophores by using the advanced coating process, exquisite and stable technology, the crosstalk coefficient of multi-channel fluorescence testing has been successfully reduced to a very low ideal level.
Product Advantages
■No Wavelength Drift – to provide precise and stable wavelength;
■High Transmission - enable maximum signal collection efficiency;
■Steeper Edge – to block excitation light in the fluorescence emission band and ensure better contrast;
■Deep Blocking – to minimize noise background and maximum SNR;
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