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1 - 2 Feb 2020
San Francisco, CA, United States

Zurich Instruments USA, Inc.

Zurich Instruments USA, Inc.
125 Cambridgepark Drive
Suite #301
Cambridge, MA
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: PQSC programmable quantum system controller, UHFQA, quantum analyzer for parallel qubit readout

Zurich Instruments is a Swiss test and measurement company providing measurement instrumentation, such as Lock-In amplifiers, Boxcar Averagers and Arbitrary-Waveform Generators. Leading labs around the world value the performance of our instruments, and their flexible tool-set. We cover many application fields including Photonics, SPM and Quantum technologies.
07 November 2019
PQSC Programmable Quantum System Controller
The Zurich Instruments PQSC Programmable Quantum System Controller brings together the instrumentation required for quantum computers of up to 100 qubits and more. Its ZSync low-latency real-time communication links are designed specifically for quantum computing; the PQSC overcomes the practical limitations of traditional control approaches, making automated and rapid qubit calibration routines a reality. Programming access to the powerful Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA is the basis for developing new and optimized processing solutions for rapid tune-up and error correction adapted to the specific algorithm and computer architecture used.
07 November 2019
UHFQA Quantum Analyzer for Parallel Qubit Readout
The Zurich Instruments UHFQA Quantum Analyzer is a unique tool for parallel readout of up to 10 superconducting or spin qubits with highest speed and fidelity. The UHFQA covers a frequency span up to ±600 MHz, with nanosecond timing resolution. It features 2 signal inputs and 2 outputs for IQ base-band operation. Thanks to its low-latency signal processing chain of matched filters, real-time matrix operations, and state discrimination, the UHFQA supports a roadmap for ambitious quantum computing projects with 100 qubits and more.
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