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1 - 2 Feb 2020
San Francisco, CA, United States

PhotoSound Technologies, Inc.

PhotoSound Technologies, Inc.
9511 Town Park Dr
Houston, TX
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: Introducing the new PhotoSound MoleculUS, Ultrasonic imaging with molecular analysis

PhotoSound Technologies was founded in 2015 to develop and manufacture new imaging and data acquisition products and services. PhotoSound excels in research, development and manufacturing of specialized equipment for biomedical applications based on photoacoustics. Products include standalone preamplifiers, analog-to-digital converters and data acquisition units as well as complete pre-clinical small animal imaging instrumentation based on PhotoAcoustic Fluorescent Tomography (PAFT) technology.
04 October 2019
With the combination of UltraSonic and PhotoAcoustic (USPA) technology, a whole new dimension of 2D in vivo imaging is possible with MoleculUS. High quality UltraSonic hardware allows visualization of specimen anatomy. Optimized PhotoAcoustic electronics control the tunable laser system and preamplify small signals of constituents from deep inside the specimen tissue for molecular analysis. High peak power tunable laser light and UltraSonic frequencies are delivered in one easy to use 2D linear probe with only one connection to the data acquisition unit and one connection to the tunable laser system. Switching between UltraSonic and PhotoAcoustic imaging modes is transparent to the end-user with no need to modify the hardware or software setup.
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