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1 - 2 Feb 2020
San Francisco, CA, United States

Applied Surface Technologies

Applied Surface Technologies
15 Hawthorne Dr
New Providence, NJ
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: CO2 Snow Jet

We demonstrate precision cleaning using a CO2 Snow Jet, a quick and safe process capable of removing particles of all sizes, (visible to below 5 nanometers), organic residues, solvent stains, and water spots. CO2 Snow cleans all types of substrates (metal, glass, ceramic, wafers, and polymers), optics, diamond turned optics, fiber-optics, mirrors, sensors, analytical samples, and many other items. We demonstrate manual, portable, and semi-automated units for R&D or manufacturing. Bring samples.
23 October 2019
Portable CO2 snow jet
Applied Surface Technologies will be displaying the first truly portable CO2 snow jet. The improvements include total portability and easy refilling of the units. No longer will the user be tied to a laboratory, but can range about a building, go to many labs, or production sites, This will prove useful for cleaning items in the field too.

The concept is based upon using stainless steel sampling canisters ranging from 300 to 500 cubic centimeters internal volume. When held upright, these canisters can last for many samples. Refilling is within minutes from a fixed CO2 cylinder. No replacement canisters are needed.

The unit comes with a canister, on/off valves at both ends, a refill hose with the proper CO2 cylinder fitting for your country, an on/off gun (electropolished valve or solenoid), and the venturi nozzle. Total weight is less than a few pounds allowing unique access to many locations.

Applications are the same for standard CO2 units as discussed on the web site www.co2clean.com. Details are at www.co2clean.com/equipment. We can demonstrate the unit at the show.
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