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SPIE Photonics Europe
24 - 25-April 2018
Strasbourg, France

HOLOEYE Photonics AG

HOLOEYE Photonics AG
Volmerstr. 1
Company Description
Featured Product: Spatial Light Modulators, Diffractive Optical Elements, LCOS Microdisplays

HOLOEYE Photonics AG and its US-subsidiary, HOLOEYE Corp, are providing customised design, fabrication and replication services of Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) as well as a broad range of standard DOEs. Besides that, HOLOEYE offers Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) for phase or amplitude modulation, which are based on high-resolution translucent or reflective microdisplays and a variety of high resolution LCOS microdisplays types and products for monochrome or color field sequential operation.
HOLOEYE Photonics AG
12 February 2018
GAEA-2 Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator
GAEA-2 Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator
The GAEA-2 phase modulator models are based on reflective LCOS microdisplays with a max. resolution of 4160 x 2464 pixel and small 3.74 µm pixel pitch.

Display Size: 0.7” (15.32 x 9.22 mm)
Pixel Pitch: 3.74 µm
Fill Factor: 90 %
Addressing 8 Bit (256 Phase Levels)
Max. Spatial Resolution: 133.5 lp/mm
Input Frame Rate: 60 Hz (3840 x 2160 Pixel)
60 Hz (4000 x 2160 Pixel)
58 Hz (4160 x 2464 Pixel

The GAEA phase modulator series covers different versions optimized for different applications and wavelength ranges. Currently the GAEA-2 series includes a versions for the visible (420-650 nm), a vision for the NIR (650-1100 nm) and aversion for typical telecommunication wavelength in the area of 1400 - 1700 nm (e.g. C-Band 1550 nm).