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SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
11 - 13-April 2017
Anaheim, CA, United States


2223 W San Bernardino Rd
West Covina, CA
United States
Company Description
The TRIOPTICS USA is an internationally orientated company with headquarters in Germany. We are focused on optical measurement and manufacturing technology for lenses, lens systems and camera modules. We work very customer-oriented throughout all our operations. Our ambition to offer our customers the best products and optimum problem solutions.
Product Announcements
23 February 2017
New measurement head for the centering measurement of IR lens systems
Early 2017, TRIOPTICS GmbH introduced a centering test system for IR lens systems with significantly improved measurement quality.
The centering measurement of lenses or lens systems for infrared often requires special consideration during inspection. A VIS measurement system is usually sufficient for measuring individual infrared lenses or installing infrared systems. For measuring installed IR systems, however, a test system matched to IR is indispensable. To meet these requirements, TRIOPTICS, a leading manufacturer of optical test systems, will be presenting its new
OptiCentric® IR centering test system for the first time during the 2017 Photonics West from January 31 to February 2 in San Francisco, US.
The new OptiCentric® IR is characterized by its dual band measurement head that allows measurements in the VIS and MWIR range and in which the latest MWIR camera technology has been integrated. This results in an improved measurement quality as well as, due to the camera’s high sensitivity, a high-contrast measurement point even if reflexes are very weak, such as in anti-reflective lenses. Overall, measurement times are reduced, handling is easier and accuracy increases, now reaching values of ≤ 0.1 µm for VIS and ≤ 1.0 µm for MWIR. “This new development has helped us simplify the measurement process considerably,” Product Manager Dr. Patrik Langehanenberg explains. “The centering measurement with IR light immediately follows the VIS measurement. You no longer need to switch or even reset anything between measurement steps. Switching is done automatically.“
As with all OptiCentric® systems, the OptiSurf® can also be integrated into this new system in order to expand the measurement functions to cover air gaps and center thicknesses of the lenses.

Important Author Dates

Author Notification (Rescheduled)
13 December 2016

Manuscripts Due
13 March 2017

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