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SPIE Photonics West
4 - 6 Feb 2020
San Francisco, CA, United States



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Weipertstr. 8-10
Company Description
Featured Product: Micro spectrometer in UVVIS or NIR range (200-2000 nm) with robustness stability and small dimension

INSION is the leading manufacturer of monolithic micro spectrometers and spectral sensors for OEM applications. We focus on the development and the production of miniaturized spectral sensors and spectrometers for OEM applications. The INSION core team has been working for more than 20 years in micro system technology and miniature spectral sensing applications and supports customers in all aspects of spectroscopic applications.
08 October 2019
Wide range micro spectrometer UV2NNIR
Based on our class visible range spectrometers, INSION continues to expand the measurement range from UV to NNIR (200 - 1050 nm). With our UV LED light source(280 nm - 500 nm), you can achieve the miniaturization of your measurment from ultraviolet region.

The UV2NNIR spectrometer has
Spectal range: 200 -1050 nm
Resolution: 5 nm FWHM// 1(UV);2(VIS)nmPixel
Sensitivity: >5 E15 cts * nm/Ws @650nm
Optical interface: fiber with SMA connector or customized
08 October 2019
High sensitivity UV-VIS micro spectrometer
The Scientific CMOS sensors provide low noise, fast frame rates, high dynamic range, high quantum efficiency, high resolution. Our micro spectrometer integrates this new SCMOS detector. Because of its high sensitivity, the measurement time is significantly shorter than a CMOS sensor and you get even higher SNR.

The UV/VIS/SENS HR spectrometer has
Spectal range: 280 -1070 nm
Resolution: 5 nm FWHM
Sensitivity: >5 E15 cts * nm/Ws @650nm
Optical interface: fiber with SMA connector or customized
08 October 2019
Compact near-infrared micro spectrometer
A new generation of NIR-Systems designed by INSION. A high grade of robustness due to an improved monolithic design, brilliant optical characteristics as well as the small dimensions open up possibilities in various new and also common applications. Its size is 69 x 39 x 13 mm^3

Das NIR NT spektrometer has
Spectal range: 900 -1700 nm
Resolution: 8 nm /pixel ; < 16 nm FWHM
Sensitivity: >100 E12 cts * nm/Ws @1500nm
Optical interface: fiber with SMA connector or customized
08 October 2019
Raspberry SPEGG Mobile Analytical System
Raspberry SPEGG integrates light source, micro spectrometer, operating system and touch screen. It can be used as the basis for designing handheld inspection system.

Wavelength range: 330 - 1050 nm
Resolution: 10 nm FWHM
Sensitivity: 5 E15 cts x nm/Ws @ 650 nm

We can also customize Raspberry SPEGG for the near infrared range (900 - 2000 nm). Please contact us for more details.
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