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Course Materials & Requirements

Course notes (print version of your presentation slides or slide deck plus a short, five-question multiple choice quiz, are due to SPIE four weeks prior to the event. SPIE will handle printing and distribution of the course materials. Instructors retain full copyright over their material.


  • Formatted for grayscale duplication: black text on a white background with images that are comprehensible in grayscale.
  • Proofed for correct spelling, grammar, and accurate reproduction of equations, special symbols, etc.
  • Title page, including instructor name and contact information.
  • Page numbers.
  • Outline.
  • Bibliography and citations.
  • Permissions if material is from other published sources.

Aspect Ratio

The projection systems SPIE uses to display your presentation slides uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, which differs from the 4:3 ratio that was considered standard in the past. Presentations designed in 4:3 will still work on the new projectors, so it is not strictly necessary to reformat your slides. If you have questions about changing your presentation to the new format, please contact the Course Materials Coordinator.

Style and Formatting

Please submit your presentation in PDF (preferred) or PowerPoint format. SPIE does not require the use of a specific background image for the slides. If you would like a SPIE background to use for your slides, please contact the Course Coordinator or Course Materials Coordinator. Please follow these guidelines:

  • If your presentation has a dark-colored background, you will need to create a version that uses a white background for the printed course notes.
  • Carefully review all figures, such as equations and other non-standard symbols. This is especially important if you have converted from PowerPoint to PDF format, as the conversion process can introduce errors.

Please contact Felicia Andreotta, Course Coordinator (feliciaa@spie.org) if you have any questions about format.

Use of color

Due to the high cost of color printing, we can not provide full-color copies to attendees. We recognize that color is often important for visual elements in the presentation, so the following options are available:

  • Limited color: up to 15 pages of color can be used in the print version of the notes at no additional charge. If you wish to use this option, you must coordinate it with the Course Materials Coordinator.
  • Electronic copy: with your permission, SPIE can send a full-color electronic copy of your course notes to registered attendees, following the event. Copies are sent in locked PDF format that does not allow printing or electronic copying of the presentation.

Presentation Size

Please limit the size to approximately 100 pages for a half-day course (3.5 hours of instruction) / 200 pages for a full-day course (6.5 hours of instruction.) The most frequent complaint from attendees is "not enough time to cover content," so it is better to plan conservatively. Also, remember that you'll need to accommodate time for introductions, questions from students, and evaluations & quizzes. A good rule of thumb is to build in ~30 minutes of time for these items.

Extra content

If you are having difficulty condensing the material:

  • Include supplemental information (such as related papers, example problems, or textbook excerpts) as an appendix to the main presentation.
  • Consider identifying less-critical content in the presentation that you can skip past during the course if you get off schedule. If you use this model, include everything in the version used for the course notes.

Copyrights and Citations

Instructors retain full copyright over their materials; the instructor agreement provides SPIE with a one-time release to print notes for a single event. Explicit permission from the instructor is required for SPIE to release electronic copies, if that option is desired. (SPIE does not maintain back-stock of printed course notes and they are only available at the SPIE event where the course is scheduled.) You may state in the materials that the copyright belongs to you.

Material from other sources may be used within presentations, but the original source MUST be clearly cited. All materials included that are reproduced from other sources (including unpublished data) must be given proper credit in the notes - author, title of publication, volume, publisher, year). Instructors must obtain permission of the copyright holder when reproducing complete articles or substantial portions of material (such as a chapter from a text) from other published sources, and are strongly encouraged to obtain permission for any material originating from outside sources.

Sale of Course Notes

Your instructor agreement includes an option to allow SPIE to sell leftover copies of course notes at the event. Copies are only sold on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to stock on hand; we do not print additional copies for sale, take orders, or maintain copies following an event. This policy is completely optional and requires your consent, as copyright over the material remains with you.

graphic Policy regarding use of the “Lena” image in educational material SPIE strongly discourages use of the Lena image in educational materials. Instructors are advised to use other suitable images to illustrate and compare image processing algorithms.

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