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2020 Education Outreach Grant Recipients

SPIE awards over $80,000 annually to organizations with optics and photonics related education outreach projects.

In the 2020 cycle of SPIE Education Outreach Grants, SPIE named 19 winners.

Learn more about the grant program.

The 2020 Grant Winners

 • Arkansas Tech University (USA) - for an optical communication kit and curriculum to be used by 8th-grade
   science teachers.

 • Center for the Holographic Arts (USA) - for "The Optics and Holography Lab."

 • Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada (Mexico) - for "Messages in Light:
   Take a look at optical fibers."

 • Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland) - for a smartphone spectrometer and laser harp.

 • EYESTvzw (Belgium) - for "B-Photonics Cup."

 • Helping Hands Network / University of Tokyo (Japan) - for an optics workshop for science teachers in Liberia.

 • MetroWest STEM Education Network (USA) - for "Light and Color: What, how, and why we see."

 • National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" (Ukraine) - for "Welcome to Photovoltaic

 • Physics Team, International Islamic University Malaysia (Malaysia) - or an awareness program about optics
   and photonics for school students using side-emitting optical fiber lighting.

 • Boys Scouts of America (USA)- for optics and photonics merit badges.

 • St. Joseph Engineering College (India) - for "Igniting Young Minds towards Optics and Photonics."

 • Stanford University (USA) - for a large portable ripple tank designed for public outreach education.

 • Foundation of the State University of New York at Binghamton (USA) - for "POP" a Physics Outreach Project.

 • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv SPIE Chapter (Ukraine) - for "Optics is our Future," the fifth
   Autumn school in optics and laser physic with a scientific project competition.

 • University of Arkansas(USA)- for an optics basics program and learning applied spectrometry.

 • University of Rochester SPIE Chapter (USA) - for "Photon Games."

 • University of Ottawa (Canada) - for a celebration of the International Day of Light 2020 by uOttawa.

 • University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic) - for a teacher training with a LabIR thermography education kit.

 • Woodridge Middle School(USA) - for "Operation Optics."