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2018 Cycle 1 Education Outreach Grant Recipients

SPIE awards $81,000 annually to organizations with optics and photonics related education outreach projects.
Application deadlines are: 31 January (Cycle 1) and 31 May (Cycle 2).

Education Outreach Grant Application Form

In the first round of the SPIE Education Outreach Grants for 2018, SPIE has named 11 winners. Recipients of the second round will be announced later this year.
Amounts were allocated on a sliding scale and some proposals received partial funding. Applications are judged on their potential to impact students and increase optics and photonics awareness.

- Air Force University of Technology Student Chapter (USA) - for "Digital Holography Demonstration - DHD." The laser propagation demonstration (LPD) is a cornerstone for outreach efforts for the SPIE Student Chapter at the Air Force Institute of Technology. This project will leverage existing parts from the LPD to create a new and improved tabletop setup -- one that is appropriate for a wide-range of audiences.

- Galena Park ISD (USA) - for "All Things Reflected! Lasers and Light Sources." This project features two half-day, district-wide modules that will lead teachers in learning how to convey the concepts of light and color to young students.

- Jerry D. Holland Middle School (USA)- for "The Magic behind the Electromagnetic Spectrum." This project will introduce the properties of light and the transmission of color and shadows during this recurring event at local feeder elementary schools.

- Koç University Student Chapter (Turkey) - for "Solar submersible as a remotely operated underwater vehicle operating in underwater lift, vertical submarine, bathyscaphe configuration." The 10th Solar Powered Model Vehicle Race will be held this year at Koç University. This activity is organized annually by the Koç University Science Society together with the SPIE student chapter.

- Meadowcreek High School (USA) - for "Incorporating Photonics into the Secondary Physics and Chemistry Classrooms." In this project, students will engage in two activities, the creation of an LED that will turn on and off using a MakeyMakey® programmable device, and the creation and energy output/IV curve observation of a dye-sensitized solar cell.

- Universidad Metropolitana (USA)- for "Puerto Rico Photonics Outreach - Connecting to Hurricane Preparation, Survival, and Recovery." This project will emphasize optics and photonics as enabling technologies important in preparing for, mitigating, and recovering from a general emergency such as a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, or flooding event.

- University of Auckland Student Chapter (New Zealand) - for "The Great Northland Science Roadshow." This project will liaise with schools, museums, and community groups to organize science fairs between April 2018 and March 2019.

- University of Naples "Federico II" Student Chapter (Italy) - for "Physics Mega Game." This project entails expanding the network of research centers and universities through a Physics Mega Game. This will be part of the annual European Researchers Night.

- University of Otago Student Chapter (New Zealand)- for "Malaysian Outreach Trip." For this project, three student chapter members -- all of whom have significant outreach experience gained through their chapter's previous programs in local schools and at science festivals -- will travel to Malaysia for three weeks to participate in optics-focused activities with rural and under-resourced students.

- University of Oulu Student Chapter (Finland) - for "Photonics promotional events in Northern Finland for a wide audience focusing on the younger generation." The main activity of this project will involve organizing events to promote photonics and optics (such as biophotonics, electrical engineering) focusing on elementary, high school, and undergraduate students along with the general public.

- University of the Sciences (USA) - for "Incorporating Optics and Photonics in a Physics Girls Camp and other Physics Outreach Activities." This project will incorporate optics- and photonics- related outreach modules and activities to support a free, non-residential, four-day long physics summer camp for middle school girls called "Physics Wonder Girls Camp."