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2014 Education Outreach Grant Recipients

SPIE awarded over $90,000 in 2014 to organizations with optics and photonics related education outreach projects. Sixty-three (63) Education Outreach Grant applications were submitted and 44.44% were awarded education outreach grants. Amounts were allocated on a sliding scale and some proposals received partial funding. Applications are judged on their potential to impact students and increase optics and photonics awareness.
Next deadline for applications: 31 January 2015.


Nicolaus Copernicus Univ Treasure Hunt
Nicolaus Copernicus Univ.
St Petersburg State Univ of Aerospace Instr
St. Petersburg State Univ. of Aerospace Instrumentation
Univ Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
Univ. Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
Univ Otago Optics Technology EducationUniv. of Otago
Univ St Andres Seeing Whisky
Univ. of St. Andrews

Utsunomiya UnivUtsunomiya Univ.


- Engineering School of Communication of Tunis - SUPCOM (Tunisia) - to purchase supplies and materials necessary to present the optics and photonics outreach events to students and teachers.

- Center for the Holographic Arts (USA) - to establish an education outreach workshop program using holography to teach students about light, optics, and photonics.

- College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona (USA) - to create an outreach program for Laser Fun Day to showcase unique challenges faced by optomechanical engineers

- CUNY, Ctr. for Advanced Technology in Photonic Applications (USA) - to partially support the "Project Light Switch" program for students in grades 4-8

- Huntingtown High School Astronomy Club (USA) - to purchase materials necessary to complete a 3-phase STEM project centered around optics and the observation of celestial objects by the Astronomy Club students.

- Indian Institute of Technology Madras (India) - to bring optics and photonics awareness to school children and to provide vision screening as a service.

- Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA) - to partially support the outreach activities related to the Electro-Optics and Laser Engineering Technology (EO) summer camps.

- Jeux Photoniques (Canada) - to support the Photonic Games activities

- Koc University Student Chapter (Turkey) - to support the 9th Solar Powered Model Vehicle Race

- Nicolaus Copernicus University Chapter (Poland) - to organize several outreach events promoting optics and photonics to high school students. dfd

- Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foudnation, Inc. (USA) - train teachers in optics and conduct inter-generational workshops for public

- Northwestern Michigan College (USA) - to partially fund materials to recruit high-school students into photonics program as well as other related outreach activities.

- Norwalk Highs School (USA) - to purchase optics and photonics materials for an annual Kids Fair event, STEAM FEST

- Osaka University Student Chapter (Japan) - to raise awareness and interest in optics and photonics.

- Pratt Institute (USA) - to provide materials for the "Focusing on Strings" outreach project designed for K-12 students.

- Puerto Rico Photonics Institute, Univ Metropolitana (Puerto Rico) - to provide demonstrations in optical phenomena to students and the general public.

- St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation Student Chapter (Russian Federation) - for optics or photonics education outreach activities to pre-college students.

- Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine) - to partially support the 15th International Young Scientists Conference on Optics and High Technology Material Science to an audience age of 14 - 18.

- Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico) - for materials to support the optics and photonics workshops for all ages.

- Universidad Miguel Hernández (Spain) - for optical materials to improve existing outreach programs

- University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy (United Kingdom) - for telescope that will be used solely for education outreach

- University of Delhi Acharya Narendra Dev College (India) - to promote optics through student workshops

- University of Otago, Physics Department (New Zealand) - to support outreach activities conducted by postgraduate physics students

- University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom) - to partially support the "Seeing Life Through a New Light" outreach program.

- University of the West Indies, Mona (Jamaica) - to stimulate interest in optics and to encourage high school students to pursue degrees and careers in the optics or photonics field.

- University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic) - optics and photonics teacher training course in the Czech Republic

- Utsunomiya University Student Chapter (Japan) - to organize an optical workshop to high school students to create interest in optics

- Whitman-Hanson Regional High School (USA) - to partially support science night and to promote optics and photonics to K-5 students and parents.