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Proceedings from ETOP 2009


The Education and Training in Optics and Photonics Conference (ETOP) 2009

2009 Proceedings

Eleventh International Topical Meeting on Education & Training in Optics and Photonics
St. Asaph, North Wales, United Kingdom, 5-7 June 2009

Chair: Alan Shore, Photonics Academy for Wales and Bangor University (United Kingdom)
Vice Chair: Deb Kane, Macquarie University (Australia)

66 papers

ETOP 2009 Proceedings Complete PDF (21 MB)

K-12 Education

1.4.26 Lessons Learned from Primary School students with Photonics Learning-by-Playing Approach.
Suwannee Phoojaruenchanachi, Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn & Sataporn Chanhorm - Photonics Technology Laboratory, NECTEC.
1.4.41 The Day of the Light - Optics demonstration for high school students
S. Chaitanya Kumar, Manoj Mathew, Giorgio Volpe, Osamu Takayama, Alejandra Valencia - The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Mediterranean Technology Park.
1.4.66 University for Children - The Magic of Light
Dan Curticapean - University of Applied Sciences.
3b.8.15 Kindergarten Optics
Manual F Costa, Julia Campos, Madalena Lira & Sandra Franco - Universidade do Minho, Departmento de Fisica.
10.4.51 Guided Poster Sessions: a way to introduce Optical Technology in a primary-secondary school
J. C. Escalera, C. Abelló, O. Ferreras, P. Matheu, M. Torres, and M. J. Yzuel


2.18.21 Optics history as effective instrument for education in optics and photonics
Sergey Stafeef, Maxim Tomilin
2.18.37 Automated optical aurora detectors: Using natural optics to motivate education and outreach
Joe Shaw
2.18.4 Multiple Dimensional Outreach Activities Attract Students to the Electro-Optics Program
Feng Zhou, Pat Scott, Devki Talwar
3a.13.76 Student Chapters: effective dissemination networks for informal optics and photonics education
Dirk Fabian, Nathalie Vermeulen
6a.1.23 New optical museum at Saint-Petersburg for education and training
V.N. Vasil'ev, S.K. Stafeef, M.G. Tomilin
6a.1.55 Optics Outreach in Irish Context
Emer McHugh, Arlene Smith
6a.1.8 The new Aquitaine Outreach and communication centre in photonics
Jean Paul Prulhiere, Laurant Sarger
6b.19.27 Elevation of Optics and Photonics Education in Thailand
Suwanne Phoojaruenchanachai, Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn

Developing Nations

2.19.58 Development of Optics Kit for Schools in Developing Countries - International School of Photonics Model
Praveen Cheriyan Ashok, Jemy James, Yedhu Krisha, Jenu Varghese chacko, V.P.N.Nampoori
2.19.59 Outreach in Optics for Developing Countries - International School of Photonics Model.
Jemy James, Jijo P.U & V.P.N.Nampoori , Praveen Cheriyan Ashok

Technician Training

3a.14.33 Use of Hybrid, On-Line Course for Retraining Employed Technicians
John C Souders Jr, OP-TEC & Greg Kepner, Indian Hills CC
3a.14.6 Efforts of the National Center for Optics and Photonics education (OP-TEC) to prepare the technician workforce for photonic industries: Preparing the Technician Workforce for Photonics Industries
Dan Hull, John C Souders Jr - OP-TEC. (USA)
3a.17.9 PYLA: A European training facility for Optics, Laser Technology and Applications
Laurant Sarger - University Bordeaux 1. & Elisabeth Boeri - ADERA and University Bordeaux
(Not received)
6a.2.5 The Laser Institute of Technology for Education and Research at Camden County College - How it has Changed and Evolved after 20 years
Fred P. Seeber

Interactive Learning

3b.8.2 Active learning in intermediate optics through class tutorials & concept building laboratories
Mark F Masters, Timothy T Grove
3b.8.28 Active and Interactive Teaching Based on Exploring Forefront Topics in Information Optics
Yuhong Wan, Shiquan Tao, Zhuqing Jiang & Dayong Wang
4.7.31 Holography as a Tool for Advanced Learning Optics and Photonics
Victor V. Dyomin, Igor G Polovtsev, Alexey S Olshukov
4.7.50 Hands-On Optics, Training Courses for School Teachers
Manual F M Costa, Jose B. Vazquez-Dorrio
3b.8.16 Using students' misconceptions of primary coloured lights to design a hands-on coloured light mixer
Suchai Nopparatjamjomras, Ratchapak Chitaree
4.7.34 An Experimental Education Package on Optical Fibre Raman Amplifiers for Student Teaching Labs
Iain Mauchline , Douglas Walsh,Walter Johnstone, Brian Culshaw
4.7.56 Experimental modules covering imaging, diffraction, Fourier optics & polarization based on liquid crystal cell SLM
Andreas Hermerschmidt
5.5.43 Stokes parameters in Undergraduate Laboratory Exercises
Gregory A Topasna, Daniela M Topasna
6a.2.20 Optics in Eastern Connecticut
Nancy Magnani. Judith Donnelly
9.6.1 More Training Modules for an Advanced Interactive Course on Optical Design
Brian Blandford, Heidi Malaka
9.6.3 A Conceptual Course on LASERs for general education
Mark F. Masters

Computer-Based Learning

5.4.68 A Web-based Photonic Simulator for Secondary School Students
Judith M. Dawes, Sam Campbell, Adam Strickland, Robert Williams, Nemanja Jovanovic, Benjamin F. Johnston, Kali Madden
5.7.25 Development of an Intelligent Learning Resource using Computer Simulation about Optical Communications
Marcelo Mamud, Sandra Stump
9.7.69 Using mobile camera for a better exploitation & understanding of interference and diffraction experiments.
Z Ben Lakhdar, Z Dhauadi, H Ghalila, S Lahmar


6b.20.52 From University to Company - education of optical communications in cooperation with industry at Technical University of Ostrava
Vladamir Vasinek, Jan Skapa, Petr Siska, Frantisek Hanacek, Jan Latal, Petr Koudelka & Iva Petrikova
6b.20.64 Precision Engineering for Optical Applications: Knowledge Transfer into UK industry
Christopher Sansom, Paul Shore
8.2.54 Education services available to optoelectronic sector in Wales
Nick Tyson,Vicky Barwis, Faris Maghuk
8.8.13 Creating and Using Industry-Based Problem-Based Learning Challenges in Photonics: Lessons Learned
Judith Donnelly , Michele Dischino, Fenna Hanes, Nicholas Massa

University Programs in Optics & Photonics

2.5.70 A laboratory of polarization in a Master degree of Photonics
Juan Campos, Angel Lizana, Octavi Lopez, M.J. Yzuel
3a.17.10 An International Interdisciplinary Graduate School in Laser and Material Science
Evelyne Fargin, Laurant Sarger, Malte Kaluza,Stefan Nolte, Martin Richardson, Kathleen Richardson
4.5.24 Thematic Course Design for an undergraduate photonics engineering course
Barry Shoop
7.5.40 Evolution of photonics education at the Australian National University
John Love
7.5.42 Should optics be taught to Optometry students?
V. Nourrit
7.5.48 Development of an Automated Modern Undergraduate Optics Laboratory using LabVIEW
Amit Garg, Reena Sharma, Vishal Dhingra
7.5.47 The Undergraduate Optics Course at Millersville University
Tariq H. Gilani , Natalia M. Dushkina
7.5.57 Education Programs of the Institute for Optical Sciences at the University of Toronto
Emanuel Istrate, R J Dwayne Miller
9.6.7 A Holography Course in Toronto
E. Istrate, R J Dwayne Miller

Education Approaches for Teaching Optics

1.3.29 Ingenuity in Photonics Design
Ray Davies
1.4.30 The Concept of Perceptive Empirical Design
Ray Davies
3b.8.75 The Human Eye: A model system for teaching optics.
Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan
4.7.17 Teaching diffraction gratings by means of a phasor analysis
M M Sanchez-Lopez, I Moreno, A Martinez-Garcia
4.7.35 Students Misconceptions about Light in Algeria
Djanette Blizak, F.Chafiqi, Maroc, D. Kendil,
5.5.14 Optical Phase Measurement Emphasized
Ertan Salik
5.5.45 Optoelectronic Technology Profiles - Motivating & Developing research skills in undergraduate students.
D M Kane
6b.20.65 University to Night School, to Graduate School to Training to Short Course
E.J Fjarlie
7.5.71 Training Physics degree students in a research optics laboratory
Josep Vidal, Alba Peinado, Elena Aso, David Lopez, Angel Lizana, Juan Campos, Maria J Yzuel, Josep Nicolas
8.21.12 Problem-based learning in photonics technology education: Assessing student learning
Nicolas Massa, Michele Dischino, Judith Donnelly, Fenna Hanes
8.21.39 Practical Framework for Bloom's Based Teaching and Assessment of Engineering Outcomes.
Patricia F. Mead & Mary M. Bennett
8.21.46 Laboratory Report Writing on Optical Physics Undergraduate Labs - Draft and Feedback Processes to Facilitate Student Learning & Skill Development
D M Kane & P G Browne
9.6.61 Optics and radiometric magnitudes: are their connections clear?
M A Illarramendi, A Oleaga, I Aramburu, J Zubia, G Aldabaldetreku, G Durana
10.8.36 A new technique to teach basic concepts of refraction and reflection of light
Jung Hye Yoo, Bok Hee Cho, Dae-Kyu Kim, Seung-Han Park


10.5.43 Numerical Modeling of Thin Film Optical Filters
Daniela M. Topasna & Gregory A. Topasna
10.7.22 New microscopy based on liquid crystals and its application to students' education and researches
M.G. Tomilin
10.8.60 A simple wavelength division multiplexing system for active learning teaching
Mourad Zghal, Hassen Ghalila , Zohra Ben Lakhdar
10.9.32 Demonstration of spin-orbit interaction of a photon in a multimode rectilinear optical fiber
Nataliya D. Kundikova
10.9.62 Design and development with educational purposes of an Optical Spectrum Analyzer for the visible range and of an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer for the second window
G Durana, G Aldabaldetreku, A. Berganza, J Zubia, M Illarramendi, I. Bikandi
10.20.74 The Townes Laser Institute
Martin Richardson
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