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Proceedings from ETOP 2005


The Education and Training in Optics and Photonics Conference (ETOP) 2005

2005 Proceedings

ETOP 2005 Proceedings Complete PDF (12.8 MB)


ETOP099 Motivating Students and Reinforcing Foundational Concepts Through Effective Course Design and Curriculum Integration
Barry L. Shoop
ETOP038 CNOP testimony on their understanding of training programs in Optics
Laëtitia Lasagesse
ETOP055 Progress on the Global Photonics Education Network (GPEN)
Marc Nantel
ETOP005 Flexible training in Optics and Photonics an open window towards a modern society
Clementina A. Timus
ETOP102 Teaching otherwise…to learning better
Saloua Fenniche Trabelsi
ETOP011 Optics in a Changing Education
Manuel R. M. Costa
ETOP003 Maximum Impact Flow for Optics Teaching
J. McCarthy, R. A. Moore
ETOP018 After the storm: the photonics education and training landscape in Ontario
Marc Nantel
ETOP025 Prevention of Laser Hazards through Curricular Interventions and Standard Protocols for Safety in Educational Environments
Fred P. Seeber
ETOP029 Development and usage of concept inventories in an optical engineering program
Charles Joenathan, Robert M. Bunch, and Zoran Milanovic
ETOP027 Integrating Writing and Peer Learning into the Optics Curriculum
Grover A. Swartzlander, Jr. and Yvonne Merrill
ETOP010 Introduction of advanced optics research to laboratory-experimental course for undergraduate teaching
Shiquan Tao, Zhuqing Jiang, Dayong Wang and Yuhong Wan
ETOP104 International linking of research and development on the model of Laser Centre Hanover
Klaus-Dieter Nowitzki, Olaf Boedecker
ETOP049 Assessing competencies: the student portfolio in an optics course
Jesús Armengol and Fidel Vega
ETOP091 A generalized formulation for high resolution spectrometer fringes using the case of a short pulse
Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri, Colin Kelley and Peter Poulos


ETOP096 Coupling of university photonic courses with clinical training
S. V. Yakovleva
ETOP070 Colour vision experimental studies in teaching of optometry
Maris Ozolinsh, Gatis Ikaunieks and Sergejs Fomins
ETOP072 Passive and active light scattering obstacles for vision research
Marish Ozolinsh, Juan M. Bueno, Varis Karitans and Gatic Ikaunieks
ETOP015 Management in Biophotonics and Biotechnologies
I. V. Meglinsk and V. V. Tuchin


ETOP081 Biophotonics education and research in the FBME CTU , Prague
Miroslav Jelínek, Miroslava Vrbovà
ETOP033 Development of a Biophotonics Option within a Photonics Technology Degree Program
Joel Gellman, Srini Vasan, Robert Hall, Don Goodwin, Dennis Matthews, Marco Molinaro, James F, Shackelford
ETOP061 A Biophotonics Course for Freshman Honors Students
Marco Molinarp and James F, Shackelford
ETOP045 Opticsvalley testimony on their understanding of training programs in biophotonics
Laëtitia Lasagesse


ETOP034 The NEMO educational kit
M. R. Taghizadeh, Erik Stijns, Hugo Thienpont
ETOP095 Teaching multilayer optical coatings with coaxial cables
J. Cos, M. M. Sánchez-López, J. A. Davis, D. Miller, I. Moreno and P. Velàsquez


ETOP059 Optical Engineering education with curriculum mapping for ABET accreditation
C. Joenathan, R. Bunch, and S. Granieri
ETOP036 Educational and Retraining Programs in the International Laser Center of Moscow State University
V. A. Makarov, S. A. Shelnov
ETOP056 An Analysis of the UCF Optics Ph.D. Curriculum
David J. Hagan
ETOP106 SPIE student chapters ? way to enhance professional skills and share experience (Look from inside)
Y. V. Filipov
ETOP063 Development of a University-Level Program in Electronic Imaging
William T. Rhodes and William E. Glenn
ETOP030 Electro-Optics Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Feng Zhou
ETOP037 An Optical Time Domain Reflectometry Set-Up for Laboratory Work at École Supérieure d'Optique
G. Lucas-Leclin, T. Avignon, L. Jacubowiez
ETOP042 The use of liquid crystal panels for the study of holograms
C. Lemmi, P. Cañizares, A. Moreno, J. Campos, M. J. Yzuel
ETOP058 Visible Wavelength Division Multiplex System for use as a Instructional Lab System for Higher Education
U. H. P. Fischer, M. Schmidt, T. Volmer, B. Weigl, J.-U. Just
ETOP073 Complementary approaches with and without a Fourier plane for optical image processing education
A. Márquez, C. Neipp, S. Gallego, M. Ortuño, I. Pacual, M. J. Yzuel, A. Beléndez, J. Campos
ETOP006 Why did we elaborate an entangled photons experiment in our engineering school?
Lionel Jacubowiez, Thierry Avignon
ETOP004 Class Room Experiments on Laser Physics
Alika Khare
ETOP052 University teaching laboratory on laser physics, photonics and fiber optics
I. V. Golovnin, V. A. Makarov, V. B. Morozov, O. E. Nanii, S. A. Shlenov
ETOP071 Innovative qualification network in the field of optical technologies realised in the course of studies Laser and Optotechnologies
Jens Bliedtner and Yvonne Weigel
ETOP103 Europtics: an international master in Optics and Photonics
François Flory, Michel Lequime, Hans Eichler, Mario Martinelli, Heinar Schmitt, Andrea Melloni, Michael Paul
ETOP065 A method for measuring two-dimensional distribution of refractive index of a material
Po-Jen Hsieh, Huei-Wen Chen, Zhi-Cheng Jian and Der-Chin Su
ETOP083 Schematic representations for teaching the procedure of optical amplification in fiber amplifiers
Cüneyt Berkdemir and Sedat Özsoy


ETOP092 Innovative Approaches to Photonics Workforce Development
Dominique Foley Wilson
ETOP009 Going beyond "Highly-Qualified Personnel" to "Value-Added Personel"
Marc Nantel, Bradley Fox, Leanne Gelsthorpe, Roxy Hamilton, Robert Marshall, and Guida Williamson
ETOP014 The role and responsibilities of industrial photonics and laser companies in the training of the next generation of scientists and engineers
Kamran S. Mobarhan
ETOP028 Development the first Spanish MSc in Colour Technology
F. Martínez-Verdú, D. de Fez and V. Viqueria
ETOP093 Optical standards: the missing link in optics and photonics educational programs
Nikolay Stoev
ETOP076 Certificate in Optics and Photonics
Roger A. Lessard and Micel Paradis


ETOP001 Virtual laboratories in Optics : Applications to a course on lasers
Lionel Bertrand, Sylvain Lefebvre and Stéphane Proulx
ETOP087 Computer optics and photonics for students of laser engineering disciplines
V. P. Zakharov
ETOP062 Teaching (and learning) optics using interactive simulations: the JavaOptics Course
A. Carnicer, J. Andilla, J. Ferré, I. Juvells, E. Martín-Badosa, J. R. deF. Moneo, E. Pleguezuelos, R. Tudela, S. Vallmitjana
ETOP067 Dual-world hardware and software optics educational system
Preben Buchhave, Nini Pryds, Haim Abitan and Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg
ETOP068 Design and Evaluation of Optics Student Competitions and Contests for Maximal Educational Value
Stephen M. Pompea and Constance E. Walker
ETOP007 Virtual FTIR spectrometer and 3D visual display for a course in molecular spectroscopy
Lionel Bertrand, Sylvain Lefebvre, Serge Bernier, Dominic Villiard, Marie-Josée Leblanc and Stéphane Proulx
ETOP086 Web-controlled optical amplifier for educational purpose
Frederic Capmas, Matthieu Boffety, Laurent Calixte, Guillaume Druart, Thierry Avignon, Nicolas Dubreuil and Marc Bondiou
ETOP100 A model based simulator for integrated optical circuits and free space
Luigi Pacco, Francesco Morichetti and Andrea Melloni


ETOP060 Teaching Thin Film Optical Coatings
Angus Macleod
ETOP050 The PHOTON2 Web-Based Professional Development Model: A Year in Review
Nicholas Massa, Judith Donnelly, Alexandra Bell, Kelli-Marie Vallieres and Fenna Hanes
ETOP057 Education Program for Photonics Professionals
Melanie Campbell and Donna Strickland
ETOP044 Project of a life-long education platform
Laëtitia Lasagesse
ETOP032 Global Knowledge, Local Implications;A Community College\'s Response
Marjorie R. Velentin, Margaret H. Stroup, Judith F. Donnelly


ETOP048 The Light Express Roadshow: a Case Study in a Successful Secondary School's Photonics Outreach Activity
Pearl John, Keith Wilcox and Sunil Patel
ETOP043 Science with coffee and Hobnobs
Hannah D. Foreman, Averil M. Macdonald, Robert W. Eason
ETOP094 Teaching optics to primary school children
I. Semenova
ETOP035 The Lightwave Roadshow
Hannah D. Foreman, Francesca R. Parmigiani, Michael A. F. Roelens, Robert E. Simpson


ETOP024 Career Pathways and Ladders for Photonics Technicians
Arthur H. Guenther and Daniel M. Hull
ETOP022 Education and Training for Technicians in Photonics-Enabled Technologies
Daniel M. Hull, Darrell M. Hull
ETOP023 Mathematics for Photonics Education
Leno S. Pedrotti, Gary Beasley, James P. Sherman


ETOP040 Active learning in optics and photonics : experiences in Africa
M. Alarcon, E. Arthurs, Z. Ben Lakhdar, I. Culaba, V. Lakshminarayanan, J. Maquiling, A. Mazzolini, J. Niemela, D. Sokoloff
ETOP013 Optics education in a developing country
Enock Jonathan
ETOP002 Needed: Optics light in Africa
Akanihu Kingsley
ETOP069 Addressing the needs of the Telecoms industry for optical fibre communication in Africa
Andrew W. R. Leitch and A. B. Conibear
ETOP080 Popularisation of Optical Phenomena: Establishing the First Ibn Al-Haytham Workshop on Photography
Hamid-Eddine Bouali, Mourad Zghal and Zohra Ben Lakhdar
ETOP020 Development of Diode Laser Pointer(LDP) Based Michelson -Interferometer For the Measurement of Optical Parameters
A. K. Chaudhary
ETOP105 Minimizing the environmental disasters through sustainable development strategies: an African sample
Valentine James


ETOP064 Hands-On Optics: An Educational Initiative for Exploring Light and Color in After-School Programs, Museums, and Hands-On Science Centers
Stephen M. Pompea, Anthony Johnson, Eugene Arthurs, and Constance E. Walker
ETOP016 Low-cost home experiments and demonstrations in Optics
P. M. Mejías. R. Martínez-Herrero, J. Serna, G. Piquero
ETOP031 Dynamic control of the focal light distribution with pupil masks
Vidal F. Canales, Pedro J. Valle, José E. Oti and Manuel P. Cagigal
ETOP088 Using cellophane tape to experience interference birefringent filters
D. Puerto, P. Velásquez, M. M. Sánchez-López, I. Moreno and F. Mateos
ETOP089 Teaching diffraction and signal processing with a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
José Luis Martínez, Ignacio Moreno and Esmail Ahouzi
ETOP107 Optics education in the frame of the Comenius "Hands-on Science" project
Manuel F. M. Costa, Dan Sporea and Clementina A. Timus


ETOP008 Phase shift via polarizer in an heterodyne interferometer
A. S. Patra and Alika Khare
ETOP012 Noise measurements in optical amplifiers
Lionel Jacubowiez, Thierry Avignon, Nicolas Dubreuil and Marc Bondiou
ETOP017 A Modified Mach Zender Interferometer for the Study of Coherence Of Laser
P. K. Shukla, K. K. Sarangpani, S. Talwar, G. S. Purbia, S. V. Nakhe, H. S. Vora
ETOP019 Mode locked fiber laser training kit
Sophie Leprevost and Patrice LeBoudec
ETOP021 Practical Bit Error Rate Measurements on Fibre Optic Communications Links in Student Teaching Laboratories
Douglas Walsh, David Moodie, Iain Mauchline, Steve Conner, Walter Johnstone, Brian Culshaw
ETOP026 Digital holography in optics labworks
Lionel Jacubowiez, Thierry Avignon, Xavier Mininger, Fabienne Bernard
ETOP039 The performance analysis dependent on temperature for EDFAS pumped at 1480 nm pump wavelength: a theorical investigation
Cüneyt Berkdemir and Sedat Özsoy
ETOP047 Effective physical optics hands-on experience through the characterization of a CD and a DVD
A. Márquez, M. L. Álvarez, C. Neipp, D. Méndez and A. Beléndez
ETOP051 Measurement of a surface profile with maximum accuracy, using a temporal phase-stepping
J. Surrel, J. Molimard
ETOP066 An alternative method for evaluating the coherence length of a laser diode
Po-Jen Hsieh, Zhi-Cheng Jian and Der-Chin Su
ETOP078 Training in Practical Optics: From University to Secondary School
C. Pérez, M. I. de la Rosa, A. M. de Frutos, S. Mar, J. González Vizmanos, T. Manzano
ETOP079 From Laser Spectroscopy Research to Nonlinear Optics Instruction
M. I. de la Rosa, C. Pérez, K. Grützmacher
ETOP082 Optical communication modulator at 1.33µm for integrated optics applications
G. G. Sarate
ETOP085 Active Learning of Introductory Optics: RealTime Physics Labs, Interactive Lecture Demonstrations and Magic
David R. Sokoloff
ETOP097 Bistabilité optique dans un laser à absorbant saturable trimode
S. Djabi, M. Djabi, O. Benkherourou
ETOP098 Slow Photons in Vacuum as Elementary Particles
Chander Mohan Singal


ETOP075 The Genesis of the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida (UCF)
M. J. Soileau
ETOP108 How the Formation of One Company Led To Many Global Optics Clusters
Bob Breault
ETOP077 From Einstein's intuitions to quantum bits: amazing entanglemen
Alain Aspect
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