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Proceedings from ETOP 1999


The Education and Training in Optics and Photonics Conference (ETOP) 1999

1999 Proceedings


2 Education and research in medical optronics in France
Jacques Demongeot, M. Fleute, T. Herve, Stephane Lavallee
12 Riddle of light: a seminar course for scientists and humanists
Boris P. Stoicheff
22 How to teach optics for the second time
Adolf W. Lohmann
25 Building collaborative teams for multidisciplinary educational projects in optoelectronics
Nan Marie Jokerst, Martin A. Brooke, Joy Laskar, D. Scott Wills, April S. Brown, Mary Ann Ingram
36 Fifty-five years of optics as a teaching and research domain at Laval University
Roger A. Lessard
47 Should optics students know statistics?
Anna Consortini


58 AAS education programs for photonics technicians
Leno S. Pedrotti, Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri, Arthur H. Guenther
65 Training education in enterprise: look for the future
Paul Laurin
76 Workforce development for harnessing light
Robert P. Breault
80 Public education and the electro-optical industry: a strategic partnership in creating photonics classes for high school students
Neal Miller, Pearl V. John
84 Practical hands-on program in laser/optics technology
Shen-Yuan Chou, WaiMin Liu
92 Optics education for K-12
James W. Bilbro, Janice M. Gaines Walker
98 Preparing displaced adults for the optics/photonics workforce
Darrell M. Hull
107 Solving the LEOT labor shortage
Neal Miller


112 Artificial perception and consciousness
H. John Caulfield, John L. Johnson
118 Teaching and research in integrated microelectronics
Karlheinz Meier
125 Registration of medical images for surgical action: use of optical sensors and matching algorithm
M. Richard, M. Fleute, L. Desbat, Stephane Lavallee, Jacques Demongeot
140 Current progress in multiple-image blind demixing algorithms
Harold H. Szu
147 Image formation and optical transfer function in a course of Fourier optics
Maria J. Yzuel
157 Why optics students should take digital signal processing courses and why digital signal processing students should take optics courses
W. Thomas Cathey, Jr.
166 Three-dimensional transfer functions
Colin J. Sheppard


174 Multiple-option master's degree in optical science and engineering
Sudhakar Prasad, John K. McIver
183 Undergraduate laser and optical physics laboratory course at the U.S. Air Force Academy
Randall J. Knize, W. Roc White, Boris V. Zhdanov
189 Master's level education in biomedical optics: four-year experience at the University of Latvia
Janis Spigulis
193 Concept of modes in optics and photonics
Rene Daendliker


200 Joint electrical engineering/physics course sequence for optics fundamentals and design
Robert Magnusson, Theresa A. Maldonado, Truman D. Black
207 Diffractive optics: learning by computer experiments
Hartmut Bartelt
214 WEBTop: interactive 3D optics simulations on the Web
John T. Foley, Kiril Vidimce, David C. Banks, Taha Mzoughi
223 Making holograms in middle and high schools
Tung H. Jeong
229 Undergraduate education and training in optics at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Mario Garavaglia
240 Simulink toolbox for simulation and analysis of optical fiber links
Claudio F. de Melo, Jr., Cesar A. Lima, Licinius D. de Alcantara, Ronaldo O. dos Santos, Joao C. Costa
252 Technology-enhanced fiber optic education
Joseph C. Palais
259 Student laboratory experiments on erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and lasers
W. Johnstone, Brian Culshaw, Douglas Walsh, David G. Moodie, Iain S. Mauchline
268 Comparison of matrix method and ray tracing in the study of complex optical systems
Eric Anterrieu, Jose-Philippe Perez


282 Forty simple experiments with an He-Ne laser for high school students
Gabriel Ramos Ortiz, Jose-Luis Maldonado, Mayo Villagran-Muniz, Z. Ramirez-Maldonado
293 Equation of conservation of irradiance
Carlos I. Robledo-Sanchez, A. Jaramillo, D. M. Gale, Gilberto Camacho
295 Optical interferometry techniques in electrochemistry education
Khaled J. Habib
297 Optical correlator as a tool for physicists and engineers training in signal processing
Andres Marquez, J. Barbe, Maria J. Yzuel, Juan Campos


308 Vibration measurement using laser interferometry
Guillermo Silva-Pineda, Luis F. Argote
319 Interactive tool in gallium arsenide semiconductor modeling: GaAsMod
Valentin Loyo-Maldonado, Rene d. Romero-Troncoso, David Antonio-Torres
328 Using matrices to understand geometrical optics
Jose B. Almeida
336 Simulation and experimentation supplementing the teaching of basic concepts in optics
Lia M. Zerbino, N. N. Baade, M. E. Lavagna
342 Undergraduate optical experiments using simple liquid crystal displays
Silvia A. Ledesma, Homero Lozza, Matias Pomata
352 Specialized project in biophotonics
Agueda L. Garcia Martin, Pedro O. Sastriques-Silva, Julia N. Martinez-Fundora, Angel G. Augier Calderin, Xonia Lopez-Cepero
359 Some experiences from an optics master of science degree
Angel G. Augier Calderin, Adriana Mavilio, Agueda Garcia
365 Optics teaching: new contents and methods
Alfredo M. Yeras, Rolando Gonzalez Pena
371 Ultrashort laser pulses: a comparison between a mathematical model and experimental data
Roberto Ortega-Martinez, Carlos J. Roman-Moreno, Antonio A. Rodriguez-Rosales, Cesar A. Juarez-Melchor
379 Dispersive power of gratings and prisms
Carlos I. Robledo-Sanchez, Alberto Jaramillo-Nunez, D. M. Gale, Gilberto Camacho
381 Fractional Fourier transform in information optics
David Mendlovic, Zeev Zalevsky
386 Self-imaging as an educational strategy
Lia M. Zerbino, M. E. Lavagna, N. N. Baade
390 Integral treatment of teaching waves
Lia M. Zerbino, N. N. Baade, M. E. Lavagna, A. B. Mocoroa
395 New developments of the project Learning by Research
Manuel F. Costa
403 Automated evaluation of patterned fabrics for defect detection
Manuel F. Costa, Francisco Rodrigues, Joao Guedes, Jorge Lopes
408 Analysis of lens aberrations using a retinoscope as a Foucault test
Walter D. Furlan, Laura Munoz-Escriva, Amparo Pons Marti, Manuel Martinez-Corral
412 Lens correction algorithm based on the see-saw diagram to correct Seidel aberrations employing aspheric surfaces
Martha Rosete-Aguilar
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