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Proceedings from ETOP 1997


The Education and Training in Optics and Photonics Conference (ETOP) 1997

1997 Proceedings


2 Meeting the calculated market needs for optically trained physicists, engineers, and technicians in 2005
Robert P. Breault
10 Education for optics as a service technology
D. William Swift
12 Case study on partnering to revitalize development, delivery, and evaluation of education programs in optics and photonics for industry
Janice M. Gaines Walker, Susan A. Anderson, Kevin G. Harding, Meg Karakekes, Ray T. Chen


26 Importance of aberration theory in understanding lens design
Michael J. Kidger
34 Modernizing the teaching of advanced geometric optics
Allen Nussbaum
45 Van Heel's coma lenses
Kees Smorenburg
53 Analogy to mechanics for introducing optical imaging and teaching about astigmatism
Pietro Ferraro
59 Abbe sine condition and related imaging conditions in geometrical optics
Joseph J. Braat
65 Chromatic aberrations in lens design
Christiaan H. Velzel, Jacob L. de Meijere


70 Algorithms and software for diffractive optics
Frank Wyrowski, Harald Aagedal, Thomas Beth, Michael Schmid
75 Survey of lens design courses
Donald C. O'Shea
82 LightPipes: software for education in coherent optics
Gleb V. Vdovin, Hedser H. van Brug, Frederik A. van Goor
94 Subjecting optics and photonics text materials to a morphing process
Darrell M. Hull, Arthur H. Guenther, Leno S. Pedrotti


106 Computer-aided design of diffractive beam-shaping elements
Thomas Dresel
112 Keys to structuring a Fourier optics course
William T. Rhodes
120 Analysis of optical systems by wave vectors
Ichirou Yamaguchi
130 Reflective grating interferometer: a versatile and simple system for education in optics
Sergio De Nicola, Pietro Ferraro, Andrea Finizio, Giovanni Pierattini
137 How to teach interference and diffraction in a hurry
Henri H. Arsenault
141 Is optics a separate discipline?
M. J. Soileau, James E. Pearson


152 Teaching optics in the laboratory
Christopher Dainty
158 Optical and electro-optical laboratory practice for undergraduates
Yuri B. Parvulyusov, W Ilyuhin, Vladimir A. Solomatin, Yuri G. Yakushenkov
164 UV-embossed optical components for educational purposes
Michael C. Hutley
166 Teaching about photodetection noise sources in the laboratory
Lionel Jacubowiez, Jean-Francois Roch, Jean-Philippe Poizat, Philippe Grangier


180 A.C.S. van Heel: teacher and inspirator of technical optics
C. A. Simons


190 Teaching optics for other disciplines
Irina P. Veretennicoff, Hugo Thienpont
196 Multidisciplinary approach in the teaching of optical technologies for electronic engineers
Hypolito J. Kalinowski, Jose L. Fabris, Julio C. de Azevedo
200 How to introduce fiber optics to beginners
Bernt O. Sundstrom
202 Optical education in medicine
William M. Davies, Darren Thomas
205 Teaching optical engineering to electrical engineering undergraduates
Glenn D. Boreman


210 Beyond the OSA optics discovery kit
Donald C. O'Shea
217 Teaching by research at undergraduate schools: an experience
Manuel F. Costa
228 Importance of experimentation on teaching the basics of optics at elementary to high school
Manuel F. Costa
233 Play optics with LEGO
Franco Quercioli, Bruno Tiribilli, Andrea Mannoni, S. Acciai
243 Quality in education and training in photonics in the Netherlands
P. Stroobach, Ivar J. Boerefijn


256 Optoelectronic training program in industry: Philips Optoelectronics
Bart H. Verbeek, Sander Arentsen
262 Optoelectronic laboratory experiments for modern-technology-based courses
Walter Johnstone, Brian Culshaw, Douglas Walsh, David G. Moodie, Iain S. Mauchline
271 Numerical simulation as a modeling and teaching tool of optical devices and systems
Tony T. Yuk, Siu Fung Yu, Ping Shum, Joseph C. Palais
279 Coupled waves: a powerful concept in modern optics
Rene Daendliker


290 Young interferential experiments with filamentary light sources
Monica E. Mancenido, Gustavo Pozzi, Luciano Zunino, Mario Garavaglia
296 Rayleigh criterion of resolution and light sources of different spectral composition
Pablo F. Meilan, Mario Garavaglia
304 Optical reproduction of sounds from old phonographic wax cylinders
Takashi Nakamura, T. Ushizaka, Jun Uozumi, Toshimitsu Asakura
314 Electro-optical remote sensing systems program at MIIGAiK
Vladimir A. Solomatin, Yuri G. Yakushenkov
317 Postgraduate part-time education in optical design for technical personnel in the Russian optical industry
Michael V. Khoroshev
321 Integrated practical classes in photonics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Kristel K. Praet, Hugo Thienpont
324 Optical physics at university education: the experience and prospects
Valerii P. Kandidov, Nikolai I. Koroteev, Vladimir A. Makarov
329 Education and training in integrated optics at the University of Twente
Rene M. de Ridder, Paul V. Lambeck, Hugo J. Hoekstra, Alfred Driessen
337 Mathematics, signal, and computer background in an optical engineer education
Pierre H. Chavel, Jean Taboury
342 MSc course program on biomedical optics
Janis Spigulis
346 Education programs designed to support the optics/photonics industry
Leno S. Pedrotti, Darrell M. Hull, Arthur H. Guenther
354 Education in applied and instrumental optics at the University of Helsinki
Folke Stenman


362 Teaching optical fiber communications and optical data storage techniques using a compact disc player
Pierre M. Lane, Ronnie F. Van Dommelen, Michael Cada
368 Basic demonstrations in diffractive and Fourier optics: use your eye as a Fourier transformer
Erik W. Stijns
379 Edge diffraction in sunlight
Vincenzo Greco, Giuseppe Molesini, R. Tronconi
382 Efficient Cartesian representation of Zernike polynomials in computer memory
Hedser H. van Brug
393 Computer-generated holograms (CGH) realization: the integration of dedicated software tool with digital slides printer
Vittorio Guarnieri, Franco Francini
402 Experiments to arouse students' interests in physical optics
Kazue Ishikawa
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