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Proceedings from ETOP 1995


The Education and Training in Optics and Photonics Conference (ETOP) 1995

1995 Proceedings


2 Optics demonstrations with an overhead projector
Douglas S. Goodman
20 The diffractionator
Jack D. Gaskill, Craig H. Curtis
28 Demonstration of the evolution of spectral resolving power as a superposition of higher order delayed beams
Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri, Tariq Manzur
45 Set of instrumentation and methodological instructions for practical work in optics
Victor V. Dyomin, Igor G. Polovtsev
56 Application of portable optical laboratory in high schools and colleges
Gregory B. Altshuler, Nickolai R. Belashenkov, Vladimir S. Ermolaev, Mickle V. Inochkin, Vyatcheslav B. Karasev
61 North slope missile testing range: a role playing approach to photoinstrumentation education
Andrew Davidhazy
65 For the safe use of lasers in educational institutions: elementary through university
Fredrick P. Seeber


76 Fiber optic communications experiments for undergraduates
Brian Culshaw, Walter Johnstone, George Stewart, Douglas Walsh
87 Liquid crystal television (LCTV) as an optics education tool
Michael K. Giles, Narasimha S. Prasad, Sean M. Doyle
94 Moire analogies as an educational tool
Nils H. Abramson
106 Experiment on pattern recognition for the undergraduate laboratory using overhead transparencies
Ramendra D. Bahuguna, Panfilo C. Deguzman
110 Computer-generated hologram optical elements in basic optics course
Alexander I. Fishman, A. A. Gorodetsky
117 Teaching of optical diffraction methods in biomedicine to undergraduates specializing in optics
Sergey S. Ulyanov, Valery V. Tuchin, Sergey Y. Kuzmin, Andrey A. Bednov
123 Undergraduate optical engineering at the University of Arizona
Jack D. Gaskill, James M. Palmer, Michael J. Nofziger
128 Integrated undergraduate optical engineering education at West Point
Daniel M. Litynski, Andre H. Sayles, Barry L. Shoop, Bradford C. Tousley
136 Model undergraduate integrated optics laboratory
Biswajit Das, Lawrence A. Hornak, Michael D. Lemmon
148 Van Cittert-Zernike theorem for introductory optics course using the concept of fringe visibility
Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri, Kevin R. Lefebvre


161 Optics education at Eastern Michigan University using a 30-GW high-power laser system
Zhouling Wu, S. T. Gu
168 Great ideas for teaching optics
Stephen M. Pompea, Larry M. Stepp
173 Holography in the high school laboratory
Uwe J. Hansen, John A. Swez
182 Polarization puzzles for the upper elementary grades
Meera Chandrasekhar, David L. Rainwater, Rebecca Q. Litherland, Rodney A. Swope, Ann VanNest
193 Elementary laser optics? Yes!
Christina Wilder
198 Laser applications in science education (LASE) games
Robert Zafran
202 Laser applications in secondary education (LASE) project at Santa Teresa High School
James D. Sagray
213 Optics curriculum for middle school students
Michael J. Nofziger
225 Practice projects in optics for high school students of the Kolmogorov School of Moscow State University
Valentin I. Lobyshev, A. A. Golubkov
230 Laser experiments for the secondary school classroom
Gareth T. Williams
247 Resources for optics in middle school education
Stephen M. Pompea, Michael J. Nofziger
252 Talking over a beam of light: electro-optics suitable for K-12
Michael J. Nofziger
260 Experiments in optics for younger students by and for older students
James V. Masi


266 Project-oriented laboratory courses in optics education
Charles Joenathan, Robert M. Bunch, Azad Siahmakoun
272 Stimulating student interest in optics via a versatile optics demonstration laboratory
Stephen H. Cobb, Louis M. Beyer, John T. Tarvin
278 Take-home laboratory for a course in radiometry
James M. Palmer
289 Using computer-assisted demonstrations of optical phenomena in an undergraduate optics course
John T. Tarvin, Stephen H. Cobb, Louis M. Beyer
293 Developing an integrated optics laboratory at minimum cost
Jerome F. Wagner
303 Concept of modern optical training labs for optical engineering students
Sergey C. Stafeev, Yuri L. Kolesnikov, Alexander V. Smirmov
309 Getting students to see the light
Joe H. Schuch, Zhouling Wu


318 Teaching of optics in the optics age
A. S. Parasnis
331 Optical education for application in science and industry at a technical university: combination of laser physics and technology, electronics engineering and computer sciences
Sergei M. Arakelian, Vitalii N. Orlov, Valerii G. Prokoshev, L. T. Sushkova
346 Role of vision in the optics learning process
Marta Pesa, Elisa M. Colombo, Leonor C. de Cudmani
357 Teaching applied optics at the Univ. of Minho
Manuel F. Costa
362 Engineering and physical education in optics at Kiev National University (Ukraine) on the way of switch over to three-step training
Igor A. Shaikevich
365 Optical education peculiarity for various specialities in natural sciences
Leonid V. Poperenko


370 New practical MS/MSE degree program with concentration in optics and photonics technology
John O. Dimmock, Anees Ahmad, Stephen T. Kowel
379 Doctoral program in optical science and engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville
Stephen T. Kowel
385 Embedded method of optoelectronics education in electrical engineering curriculums
Alexander D. Poularikas
391 Computer-assisted optics teaching at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Natalia N. Soboleva, Stanislav M. Kozel, Gennady R. Lockshin, M. A. Entin, K. V. Galichsky, P. L. Lebedinsky, P. M. Zhdanovich
403 Optics study and research by computer-aided training
Mihaela A. Ghelmez, Sigward Nilsson, Goeran Karlsson
407 Windows software for enhanced studying and testing knowledge in optics
Sergey C. Stafeev, Vladimir J. Michnovetz, Alexander T. Khmaladze, Alexander A. Zinchik
414 Bifrequency pendulum on a rotary platform to teach optical birefringence and liquid crystalline displays
M. J. Soileau, Boris Y. Zeldovich
422 Demonstration of complex dynamics of light interaction with liquid crystals for educational purposes
Patrick LiKamWa, M. J. Soileau, Nelson V. Tabiryan, Cesare Umeton, Boris Y. Zeldovich
427 Practical works in the speckle optics for the subspecialties: physics of laser measurements and biomedical optics
Sergey S. Ulyanov, Sergey Y. Kuzmin, Andrey A. Bednov, Valery V. Tuchin
433 Real-time holography
David A. Johnson, David E. Parker, Mark L. Lott
441 Studying chaos in carbon-dioxide lasers in a graduate level optical laboratory
Emmanuil M. Rabinovich, Jacek M. Kowalski, Chris L. Littler
452 Concept of coherence of learning physical optics
Elisa M. Colombo, Mirta Jaen, Leonor C. de Cudmani
459 Experience in teaching the laser interferometry course in Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Bronius S. Rinkevichius, Alexander Y. Karasik, V. A. Zubov
468 Alternate way to teach Fourier optics
Henri H. Arsenault
473 Maxwell's equations with optical fibers in mind
Tevry Freeman
483 Optical education of mathematical students at M. V. Lomonosov Moscow Sate University
Valerii P. Kandidov, Nikolai I. Koroteev, Vladimir A. Makarov
489 Optics education at the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL)
M. G. Moharam, M. J. Soileau
497 Optics education for now and future from an entropy perspective
Shoang C. Donn
508 Student as an investigator: simulation on optic synergetics
Boris N. Poizner, Alexey I. Arshinov, Renat R. Mudarisov, Natalyia A. Starova
515 Ten years experience in continuing biomedical optics education at Saratov State University
Valery V. Tuchin, Alexander B. Pravdin


526 Comprehensive approach to photonics education for technicians, engineers, and scientists in 4+2+2 programs
Leno S. Pedrotti, Nicholas J. Massa, Eric P. Soulsby, John Enderle, Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri
538 National photonics skills standards for technicians
Darrell M. Hull
545 Optics education for machine operators in the semiconductor industry: moving beyond button pushing
Meg Karakekes, Deborah Currier
553 How to manage continuing education and retraining programs on optical physics and laser technology at a university: Moscow State experience
Victor N. Zadkov, Nikolai I. Koroteev


566 Course on the simulation of optical components and systems
Donald C. O'Shea
573 Image processing in applied optics educational programs
Robert M. Bunch
580 Problems of optical education for interdisciplinary applications: teaching biomedical optics to physics and medical students
Alexander V. Priezzhev, Nikolai N. Firsov
585 Computer training program on Fourier spectroscopy
Lidia A. Luizova, Marina E. Bagenova
593 Educational software simulation for fiber optic dispersion
Gustavo A. Medina Arredondo, Mario A. Yepes Cifuentes, Samuel A. Jaramillo Florez
597 Software stereovision for optic laboratory
Diego A. Henao
608 Pioneering a learning partnership: the University of Texas, SPIE, and the federal government together extend a hand to semiconductor manufacturers
Meg Karakekes, Ray T. Chen
618 Teaching of physical-technical fundamentals for laser applications
Vadim P. Veiko
628 Shedding light on the subject: introduction to illumination engineering and design for multidiscipline engineering students
Ram S. Ronen, R. Frank Smith
635 Fundamentals and curriculum of education on optical and laser metrology
Vladimir P. Ryabukho, Valery V. Tuchin
641 Alternative fiber optic conductor for laboratory practices
Juan F. Calderon Ocampo, Samuel A. Jaramillo Florez, Juan C. Amaya Rodriguez


652 Education in optics in Canon
Kazuo Tanaka
657 Hughes Danbury technology transfer program
Alfonse G. Antonelli
664 National Alliance for Photonics Education in Manufacturing: training in the application of photonics to enhance national manufacturing
Susan A. Anderson, Janice M. Gaines Walker


678 Diffraction and Fourier optics: the mathematics required
Anna Consortini
689 Teaching Fourier optics for engineers
Joseph Shamir
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