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Proceedings from ETOP 1991


The Education and Training in Optics and Photonics Conference (ETOP) 1991

1991 Proceedings


2 Optical education in the USSR
Gregory B. Altshuler, Elena G. Doulneva
9 Development of optics education in the United States
Brian J. Thompson
27 Optics education for and in industry in Japan
Hitoshi Ohzu
32 Progress in education in optical engineering in China
Jinfa Tang, Zukang Lu
41 Optics education and training in France
Pierre H. Chavel, Claude Froehly
48 Comments on education in optics in different countries
Anthony E. Siegman


52 Looking forward: teaching optics in the 21st century
Adolf W. Lohmann
73 Education in optical physics at Moscow State University
Nikolai I. Koroteev
78 Role of Fourier theory in optics education
Jack D. Gaskill
85 Issue of teaching modern optics
Nikolai V. Karlov
87 Optics in nature: interesting students in optics
Duncan T. Moore
94 Wave optics in the course of general physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Stanislav M. Kozel, Gennady R. Lockshin


98 How much mathematics should optics students know?
Anna Consortini
109 Basic education in optics for physicists
Maria J. Yzuel
120 New approach to teaching matrix optics
Henri H. Arsenault
128 Optics programs at University of Massachusetts/Lowell: the role of a state university in a high-tech state
Zoltan Fried, Sergey V. Broude
137 Flexible new optics facilities with electronics and computer systems integration in a renovated building at a smaller state university
Ralph E. Oberly, James O. Brumfield
146 Optics education at Tianjin University
Daoyin Yu, Feng-Lin Zhang, Yimo Zhang
150 Lasers and optics program at San Jose State University
Joseph F. Becker, Gareth T. Williams, H. Sarma Lakkaraju, Ramendra D. Bahuguna, Osuk Y. Kwon
155 Education and training of quantum electronics specialists in Krasnoyarsk State University
Alexander S. Provorov, A. G. Sizykh


162 Preparing optics graduates for their first job in industry
Brij M. Khorana
165 Education for specialists in optical design
Yuri G. Yakushenkov
170 Teaching of lens design
Robert R. Shannon
176 Teaching of optics to mechanical engineering students
Fromund Hock
190 Teaching holography: holography as a teaching tool
Nils H. Abramson
202 Optoelectronics curricula
W. Thomas Cathey, Jr.
207 Reflections on the teaching of applied optics
Robin W. Smith
215 Teaching optics in electrical engineering curriculums
Alexander D. Poularikas, Samuel Seely
222 Higher education in laser applications
Vadim P. Veiko, Mikhail N. Libenson
232 Education in optical design by artificial intelligence system
Rang-Seng Chang, Der-Chin Chen
240 Modeling of optical devices: teaching modern optics to electrical engineers
Otto Schwelb
252 Electro-optics communication course for electronics engineering students
Aaron Peled
266 Heat design of optoelectronic devices in training optics specialists
G. N. Dulnev, Elena G. Doulneva
275 Development of the physical world view of students in general system of education of optical engineers
A. N. Bekhterev, V. M. Zolotarev


282 Introducing optics education at the high school level: the Kentucky approach
Stephen H. Cobb, John T. Tarvin, Bobby G. Malone
288 Organization of optical education in conditions of a typical university
Boris P. Nevzorov, Anatoly S. Poplavnoi, Yuri A. Fadeev
291 Optics education at Nankai University of China
Guoguang Mu, Wenju Chen, YanXin Zhang, Yuan-Ling Zhan
295 Undergraduate and graduate study in optics at Czechoslovak Technical Univ.
Vaclav Sochor
303 Queen's University of Belfast Master of Science course in optoelectronics and optical information processing
Brian Bates, Christopher H. Mee
312 Education in optics at the University of Valencia
Carlos Ferreira
317 Transition to reality: preparing the student at Georgia Tech through an undergraduate sequence of optics laboratories
Donald C. O'Shea
325 Lasers and applied optics course for industrial personnel
Thomas J. Glynn
329 Training in principles of synthesis and composiiton of optical systems at the level of qualification promotion
Irina L. Anitropova-Livshits


332 New approach in laser physics education
Gregory B. Altshuler, Nickolai R. Belashenkov, Andrey V. Okishev
338 Computer display tools for lasers and optics
Anthony E. Siegman
348 Computers in optics education: principles and basic models
Mikhail A. Vorontsov
358 Demonstrating principles of physical optics through interactive computer simulations
John T. Tarvin, Stephen H. Cobb, Donald L. Jackson
364 Curriculum structure of training of optical system designers
Victor A. Zverev


368 OSA Optics Discovery Kit: its development and use
Donald C. O'Shea
378 Optics in the atmosphere: what happened in the skies of St. Petersburg on 18 June 1790
Robert G. Greenler
389 Modernizing the teaching of advanced geometric optics
Allen Nussbaum
401 Novel educational approach to some aspects of optical information processing
Prasanta K. Ghosh, Partha P. Banerjee, P. B. Berra
416 Optics in general physics for high engineering education
Nikolai M. Kozhevnikov, V. F. Masterov, Yu. I. Ukhanov
422 Implementation of photonics program at the undergraduate level
Salahuddin Qazi
432 Challenges of introducing optoelectronics into an entrenched electrical engineering curriculum
Harbans S. Dhadwal
439 Use of the laser in the high school classroom: the LASE project
Malcolm G. Cornwall, Gareth T. Williams
451 Easy ways for performing real-time holographic interferometry education
Ming-Wen Chang
458 Spectroscopy of laser active media
Thomas J. Glynn
463 Optics in a research environment: spectroscopy as a teaching tool
Stephen H. Cobb, John T. Tarvin, Carol J. Baltimore
471 Illustrating physical principles through comparative feature extraction techniques in optical and digital image processing
Ralph E. Oberly, James O. Brumfield
480 Theory of optical imaging in the wave approach
Romulad Jozwicki
490 Educational fiber optic transmission equipment with dedicated BER features
Pedro R. Vizcaya-Guarin, Juan C. Alvarez, Juan C. Luna, Angela M. Guzman, Hypolito J. Kalinowski
496 Recovery from low light level images
Manuel P. Cagigal, Pedro M. Prieto
504 Simple experimental technique for measuring lifetimes of low-intensity monoexponential fluorescence signals
Fernando G. Moreno, R. J. Lopez, P. J. Valle Herrero, Jose M. Saiz, Francisco Gonzalez
515 Scheme for fast calculation of guided modes in planar optical waveguides
E. Jan de Jong
523 Universal laboratory complete for optical practice
S. F. Mironov, A. A. Stolov, Alexander I. Fishman
527 Laboratory programs on high-resolution spectroscopy
Lidia A. Luizova
535 Laboratory program on Fourier spectroscopy
Marina E. Bagenova, Lidia A. Luizova
541 Practical works on holographic interferometry and speckle-photography
Lyudmila I. Golubentseva, Vladimir P. Ryabukho


550 In-vivo fiber optic cardiac blood-flow meter
Kiron C. Bordoloi, Kim Clark
562 Optical interferometry experiment in the time-frequency domain
Jeffrey S. Dunham, James E. Appleby, Stephen C. Bennett, Crispin O. Butler
566 Microscope as a teaching tool in Fourier transform optics
Maksymilian Pluta
577 Training of optical engineers and physicists in Chernovtsy University
Oleg V. Angelsky, G. K. Kurek, Bohdan M. Nitsovich


583 Dynamics of transverse field structure in lasers and nonlinear media
Irina V. Veshneva
584 New methods of refractive-index determination
Ludmila A. Gerasimova
585 Numerical investigation of influence of photoelastic effect induced by thermal stresses on optical characteristics of anisotropic elements of solid state lasers
Eugene V. Stepanov
586 Step-function optical distributions in cross-sectional shifts measuring
Yuri G. Kirchin
587 Formation and control of emission of a solid state laser
Tatyana Y. Cherezova
588 Self-diffusion of erythrocytes in Couette flow studied by elastic light scattering
Tatiana Astakhova
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