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Commissoners and Delegates

Commissioner Qualifications

Nominees for Commissioner shall have:

  1. Substantial experience as educators or practitioners in one or more of the disciplines represented by the Commission. Academic nominees shall also have had experience in ABET-accredited programs unless their discipline is one that has only recently become eligible for accreditation by an ABET Commission.
  2. Attended formal Program Evaluator training.
  3. Experience as a Program Evaluator on at least three (3) ABET visiting teams. Exceptions to this requirement are permitted only in the case of nominees representing new Member Societies or new curricular areas; in such cases the nominee must have served as an observer on at least two ABET visiting teams.
  4. Attended the Commission’s Team Chair training prior to the effective date of their appointment.
  5. Membership in the Member Society they represent
  6. Team Chairs--Successful Team Chairs exhibit the following knowledge, skills, and attitudes (Table 1: Team Chair Competency Model) and are evaluated against these after each assigned accreditation cycle review:

Board of Delegates Qualifications

Terms on the Board of Delegates will be three years, and societies have the option to reappoint representatives to a second term.

Each society must assign its Board of Delegates member(s) to represent it on at least one of the relevant Area Delegation(s), and may select different individuals as alternate delegates to serve on the other Area Delegation(s) in which the society has an interest.

Members of the Board of Delegates should have experience with ABET accreditation, most likely as a commissioner, team chair and/or long-serving program evaluator. We expect that these persons will be well informed on trends in technical education that relate to curriculum, instructional delivery and the needs and expectations of industry for the knowledge and abilities of new graduates. Delegates serve as representatives and advocates for the perspectives of their respective societies.

Board of Delegates Meetings. The Board of Delegates will meet twice each year in March and October, immediately prior to meetings of the ABET Board of Directors.

Societies are expected to cover the travel expenses for members of the Board of Delegates and Area Delegations.

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