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Paper 12119-5

How PLE enables a collaborative community based Open Architecture

5 April 2022 • 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM EDT


The US Army’s approach to the deployment and sustainment of live training ranges called Live Training Transformations (LT2) has re-defined the intent of Open Architectures for sustaining families of systems. Open Architecture is a term frequently used to help guide the implementation of a system such that it remains sustainable throughout it’s life cycle. An often-omitted aspect, but important consideration of an Open Architecture, is the environment in which the sustainment activities occur. Regardless of the technologies selected, no system architecture can be truly “open” if the ability to influence the development baseline is closed to the stakeholder community. On LT2, systems continuously incorporate new technologies based on best value additions that increase live training capabilities. In 2021 LT2 calculated a cost avoidance of over $11M and has accumulated over $960M since inception. This cost avoidance reflects the value of open collaboration by multiple stakeholders.


General Dynamics Mission Systems (United States)
Rowland Darbin currently serves at the lead of the Product Line Engineering (PLE) Center of Excellence at General Dynamics Mission Systems, as the Chair of the INCOSE working group for Product Line Engineering and as Product Line Architect for Live Training Transformations (LT2) as part of the CPM+ and LCPM programs. Rowland brings a wealth of prior experience as a Software developer, System Engineer, DPME, Lead Engineer, Product Line Architect, as well as a Program Manager to the CoE, adding valuable perspective and expertise in helping teams on their journey to fully adopting PLE.
General Dynamics Mission Systems (United States)
General Dynamics Mission Systems (United States)