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Paper 12125-11

Dual-color holographic head-up display for aircraft using a digital light processing chip

4 April 2022 • 1:50 PM - 2:10 PM EDT


Aircraft head-up displays (HUDs) have historically used monochromatic symbology to relay critical information to the pilot. One of the main challenges of multi-color HUD is obtaining equivalent optical performance at all wavelengths. However, using at least one additional color could greatly enhance situational awareness and effectiveness by color coding information or creating multi-functional symbology. Here we show an optical system design of a dual-color aircraft HUD which is enabled by a holographic combiner and a digital light processing chip. Eliminating the need for the pilot to transition focus from inside to outside the aircraft is a key advantage of such a dual-color system.


EOTech, Inc. (United States)
Waylin is a research scientist at EOTECH in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has a PhD in Optics and has been working at EOTECH for 3 years.
EOTech, Inc. (United States)