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Paper 12094-3

Development of test methods for hyperspectral cameras characterization in the P4001 standards development

5 April 2022 • 9:10 AM - 9:30 AM EDT


The P4001 standard defines characteristics for hyperspectral camera performance. The standard will also include guidelines for measurement of these characteristics. The ambition to give a complete set of performance characteristics tends to require an extensive set of tests. An important aspect of the work is therefore to devise test protocols that are time efficient and have moderate requirements on the test equipment. Work is underway to define tests for radiometric performance, co-registration, spatial and spectral resolution, as well as stray light. The complete set of tests can be carried out using four test setups. These test methods, according to the current draft, will be outlined.


Labsphere, Inc. (United States)
Clyde Hyperspectral Imaging and Technology Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Labsphere, Inc. (United States)
Univ. of Oslo (Norway)