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    Past SPIE Online Events

    SPIE Online Past Event Listing

    We understand that life is busy. Did you miss an event you had wanted to attend? When it's not possible to be in all places at all times, watch the recordings on your own schedule.

    Below is a full listing of our past SPIE Online offerings. This list is updated on a monthly basis and demonstrates the wide range of topics covered by our online initiatives. 

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    SPIE Online Past Events

    AR/VR Speaker Series
    • Connecting AR Hardware, Software, and Content with Early Consumers, with Ross Finman of Niantic and Escher Reality
    • Small Form Factor Smart Glasses with Free Space Optics, with Chi Xu of Nreal
    • Geometric and Manufacturing Tolerance Advantages of AR Waveguides, with Phil Greenhaigh of WaveOptics
    • Laser Beam Scanning for Near-to-Eye Display Applications: A Preview (Panel Discussion)
    • From Niche to Mass-market: How MEMS-based LBS Projectors Can Make Smartglasses the Next Big Thing, with Lucas Ginzinger of Bosch
    • Unleash The Intelligence of Small Pixels for micro-iLED to Realize Mainstream AR Glasses (Panel Discussion)
    • Computer-Generated Holography for AR Headsets and Beyond (Panel Discussion)


    CEO Interview Series
    • Leslie Kimerling, Cofounder and CEO of Double Helix Optics


    Career Advancement Series
    • Delivering Your Presentation Virtually, with Jean-luc Doumont
    • Increasing Employability During a Crisis, with David Giltner
    • How To Be Persistent and Handle Rejection, with Alaina Levine
    • Science Communication for Early Career Researchers, with John Dudley
    • Mental Health in Isolation, with Wendy Ingram
    • How to Work From Home and Actually Get Things Done, with Tyler Tervooren
    • Landing a Job in Today's Climate; Resume and Interview Skills Panel
    • Speaking Inside the Box, Mastering Virtual Presentations, with Christine Haas


    Career Summit Live Chats
    • I Need a Job NOW, What Do I Do, with Alaina Levine
    • Industry or Academia, How Do I Choose, with David Giltner
    • Leading Yourself and Others in Times of Change, with Sabine Gedeon


    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Live Chats
    • Racism in Science, Past and Present, with Angela Saini
    • Overcoming Your Inner Critic to Advance Your Career, with Sabine Gedeon
    • LGBTQ+ in Science and the New Frontiers of the 2020s, with Izzy Jayasinghe
    • Dismantling Barriers for the Next Generation of Scientists, with Nabiha Saklayen
    • Facilitating Inclusive and Engaging Meetings, with Marli Williams
    • Using Neuroscience to Foster a Sense of Belonging in STEM, with Kaela Singleton
    • Inclusive Communication, with Stephany Santos
    • Fostering An Inclusive Academic Environment, with Rosario Porras-Aguilar
    • Developing and Retaining Talented STEM Professionals Within the US Department of Defense


    Henri Poincare Webinar Series, Optical Polarization and Related Phenomena
    • The Poincare Sphere: Its Generalizations and Its Several Applications in Optics, with Miguel Alonso
    • Metasurface Polarization Optics, with Noah Rubin


    Instructional Webinar Series
    • How to Make Cost-Effective Optical Components, with Jessica DeGroote Nelson
    • Optomechanical Engineering: From Architecture to Final Assembly, with Keith Kasunic
    • Design Drivers for Autonomous Vehicle Lidar Systems, with Joseph Shaw
    • Stray Light Analysis and Control, with Eric Fest
    • An Overview of Systems Engineering for Astronomy, with Jonathan Arenberg and Paul Lightsey
    • Optical Architectures and Technologies for Smart Glasses, AR, VR and MR Headsets, with Bernard Kress
    • The Future of Diagnostic Braking Radiation, with Rolf Behling
    • Designing and Specifying Digital Cameras, with Leo Baldwin
    • Introduction to Optical Alignment Techniques, with Kenneth Castle


    Journal of Biomedical Optics Webinar Series
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Biomedical Optics
    • Wearable, Implantable, Mobile, and Remote Biomedical Optics and Photonics
    • Photoacoustic Imaging: The Next Generation
    • Seeing Through Tissue I: Technologies for Reduced Scatter Imaging
    • Seeing Through Tissue II: Tissue Clearing Methods
    • Time-Resolved Molecular Imaging and Sensing of Tissue


    Public Policy Updates
    • Phase 4 Stimulus Funding, Immigration Updates, and Expanding Science Funding
    • Caucus Launch Announcement, Quantum Initiative Developments, and Election Impacts
    • UK Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Policies Impacting the UK Optics and Photonics Community, with John Lincoln, UK Photonics Group
    • 2020 Election Impacts and FY21 Appropriations


    Women In Optics Spotlight Series with Host, Jess Wade
    • Follow the Money: Using Funding Statistics to Uncover Barriers in Physics Research, with Lia Li
    • Celebrating LGBTQ+ STEM Day, with Arti Agrawal
    • Fostering an Inclusive Academic Environment, with Rosario Porras-Aguilar
    • Navigating Your Career Using the Switch, with Maryellen Giger
    • Mentors and Networks — Keys to Juggling and Balancing Life, with Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
    • Hyper-Invisibility: On Being Black in Engineering, with Audrey Bowden
    • Representation Matters: Role Models and Allies, with Muyinatu Bell
    • Advantages to Being a Woman in a Male-dominated Industry, with Stephanie Simmons